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The education industry is going through a visible change in recent years, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. E-learning is the new normal and it is here to stay for a long time.

Students are not dependent on the traditional schooling system as they can enroll and complete educational courses through private tutors, sometimes, through educational platforms. There are many educational applications available in the market for Android and iOS with a wide range of online courses in any stream. If you want to develop an educational app and have a brilliant idea, we are here to make your dream a reality.

At Best Remote Team, we have a team of highly talented and experienced mobile app developers with a proven track record in the eLearning industry. They are well-versed in advanced technologies such as Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things, and others.

They will develop a feature-rich educational mobile app that offers a seamless and engaging experience to users. Hire the best education software development company to create an educational app.

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mary william client review

Mary WilliamCanada


Dedicated developers from Best Remote Team helped us throughout the project and even after that. They are professionals and have helped me built my personal online business with ease. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best software development services.

hasan raza client review

Hasan RazaNew York


I had an online store but was not able to get leads. Then I hired a remote team from Best Remote Team and magic happened. They have fixed the issues and opened floodgates of traffic.

martin anderson client review

Martin AndersonAustralia


I came into contact with the Best Remote Team team through my client. I wanted to develop a mobile app for my new business. They have done a great job. My app’s download numbers are amazing. They even offer post-deployment maintenance and support too.

carrie robert client review

Carrie RobertFrance


There is something special about Best Remote Team’s dedicated developers. They understand your business first and then develop a development strategy, which is beneficial for clients. They have helped me build my first business website and the whole experience was awesome.

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Why Do You Need to Develop an Educational App?

You can serve many purposes by developing an educational app. With an e-learning app, you can educate or train your students, employees, and others. Furthermore, you can also monetize the app by offering various courses online.


Efficient Content Management

With an advanced e-learning app, you can easily manage a wide range of content such as text, files, audio, videos, and other forms of study materials. Students can access the content at any given time.

Forum and Blog Integration

We can develop several types of educational apps that can help you seamlessly integrate your personal blogs, forums, and other types of content to educate your students or employees.

Online Examination Facility

Develop a custom educational app that allows your students to appear for exams online. Tutors can participate in the exam and can fill in the answers in any desired mode.

Readable Material Availability

You can have an e-learning app with rich reading materials that can help students grasp concepts quickly. They can access learning materials after login in the app.

Video and Audio Courses

Do you want to develop a mobile app in which you can upload video and audio files for your students? We can do that for you. Let our experienced educational mobile app developers build an exclusive app for you.

Messaging Facilities

We can also add a messaging or chat feature in the app that allows students and tutors to interact seamlessly in case of any doubts or concerns.

Our Education and E-Learning App Development Services

Here is a list of end-to-end educational mobile app development services that we offer:

Corporate Training App Development

Corporate Training App Development

If you want to develop a corporate training app for your new joiners, we can develop a custom app that focuses on core learnings and skills that you want to teach to them.

Induction and Orientation App Development

Induction and Orientation App Development

Our educational app development services consist of induction and orientation apps that can help HR to educate new employees about the company philosophies, rules, regulations, and other crucial aspects.

Skill Boosting App Development

Skill Boosting App Development

We use AR/VR, and IoT technologies to build highly custom skill-boosting apps that offer a great learning experience to users. Users can hone their skill sets with innovative learning methods.

Tuition App Development

Tuition App Development

Let your students attend online classes without any geographical boundaries. They can join online classes in real-time, interact with tutors, and access features available in the app.

Video Conferencing App Development

Video Conferencing App Development

We can also develop video conferencing apps for academic institutions and corporate companies where they can host video meetings, invite participants, and take online sessions as well.

On-Demand Educational App Development

On-Demand Educational App Development

Being a leading education software development company india, we also can develop on-demand educational apps with an engaging user interface, lecture scheduling and recording, and appointment management features.

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Benefits of Modern E-Learning App

Here is a list of advantages of developing an e-Learning mobile app for your business or educational institution.

  • 24/7 Accessibility of Classes

    24/7 Accessibility of Classes

    Students can access online classes at their own convenience at any given time. Pre-recorded sessions can help students in staying updated.

  • More Meaningful Content

    More Meaningful Content

    Students can learn and grasp concepts more meaningfully with new learning methodologies rather than traditional classroom teaching which is less engaging and innovative.

  • Sustainable Education Opportunities

    Sustainable Education Opportunities

    Keeping in mind the global environmental crisis, educational apps can reduce the usage of paper and offer more sustainable education opportunities.

  • Reduce Education Costs

    Reduce Education Costs

    For students and educational institutes, developing an educational app can reduce the cost of education to a great extent as it can reduce overhead costs.

  • Easy Assessment For Teachers

    Easy Assessment For Teachers

    For teachers, an educational app is a great tool to assess their students compared to the tedious traditional assessment system.

  • Quick and Easy Training

    Quick and Easy Training

    For corporates, an educational app can help train their new employees quickly and efficiently. They can self-learn rules, regulations, processes, and crucial tasks with the help of the app.

Why Choose Best Remote Team for Educational App Development?

We are the best education software development company in India to be hired for your project.

Flexibility of Usage

Flexibility of Usage

Online or offline access to resources.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Notify users with push notifications.

Adaptability to the Latest Tech Stack

Adaptability to the Latest Tech Stack

We possess sheer technical expertise.

Greater User Engagement

Greater User Engagement

Increased engagement rate.

Feature-Rich App Development

Feature-Rich App Development

Advanced features to woo your audience.

Higher Course Completion Rate

Higher Course Completion Rate

More engagement, more course completions.

Our Education App Development Process

Planning and Research : We first work on the idea and research about competitors, industry, and target audience.

Step 01

UI/UX Design : The 2nd phase is all about designing an intuitive, engaging, and attractive user interface for the app.

Step 02

Front-End and Backend Development : In the 3rd phase, we work on the front end and back end of the app and develop all the features and functionalities.

Step 03

Testing and Deployment : The last phase is thorough testing of the app with the latest testing tools and then deploying the app on app stores.

Step 04

Tech Stack for eLearning Apps Development

Here is a list of technologies, databases, and platforms we use for educational app development.
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Our Portfolio

Check out some of the applications that our brilliant mobile app developers have built.


Courier Delivery App Development

We developed a courier delivery app for Mr. Peter Chapler, who wanted to streamline processes and improve efficiency in his courier and transportation company.

Case Study

Dating App Development

Mr. Robert Clerk was interested in making a dating app that allows users to find their ideal partners. He wanted to make an app that has advanced features. We are a leading dating app development company. We said yes to his project and developed an exclusive, robust, and feature-rich dating app that perfectly served their expectations.

Case Study

Digital Parking Space Rental Service App

Mr. Courtney Marsh brought us the idea of a parking app for easy booking and renting of spaces during personal or work-related outings. A leading parking app developer, we quickly crafted a perfect solution tailored to those seeking premium parking services.

Case Study

Fitness App Development

A person who is really interested in fitness and has a degree related to health asked us to make an app that is easy to use and makes money. We are excited to help them make the best app for a good price.

Case Study

Grocery Delivery App Development

Mr. Rony Crew, a grocery store owner in New York, wanted to make his business available online. He asked the best Remote Team to help him and they created an app that allowed customers to search, order and pay online.

Case Study

Handyman App

Mr. Tom Anderson approached us with a brilliant idea: an app like Uber, but for finding local handy help at your fingertips. Our team dove deep into research, analyzed the market, dissected the audience's needs, and outshone the competition.

Case Study
hire handyman app developers india

Interior Web App

Our client was an interior designer in the USA with more than 15 years of experience. He had his business website, but he wanted to reach out to his audience via a web app. Hence, he approached us for an interior design web app development.

Case Study

Ludo Game Development

Mr. Mark robins came to us with the idea of developing a Ludo game for Android and ios. Mr robins were looking for an Android ludo game that offers a seamless and engaging user experience to its users. We developed this game keeping in flow with aesthetic guidelines to make it user-friendly and easily accessible by people.

Case Study

Telemedicine App Development

Dr. Robert Jefferson wanted to make a special app to help doctors treat patients better. The Best Remote Team helped him make an app that is very secure and has lots of features.

Case Study

Travel Booking App

A founder named Robert Sampson contacted us to build a travel booking website for his business in the USA. Our developers understood the requirements first and came up with a feature-rich, comprehensive, and robust travel booking website.

Case Study

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