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Electric Vehicle Charging Station App Solutions

The market has been flooding with electric vehicles nowadays. It is a sustainable energy solution that can help protect the environment and must be encouraged by governments and other authorities. People are nowadays adopting the “Go Green” culture, which is a good thing. Electric vehicles emit zero toxic gas and that is the reason it is preferred by the millennials.

At Best Remote Team, the best EV charging app development company in India, we can help build a versatile, feature-rich, and scalable EV charging station app for governments and commercial businesses to make things easy for their consumers. With an EV charging app, electric vehicle owners can perform many tasks such as locating a nearby EV station, starting the charging session, paying online for fuel, and many other things. You can also add advanced features as well to give you more detailed insights about your fuel consumption, etc.

Best Remote Team is a leading EV charging app development company with sheer technical expertise in the domain and can help build complex and highly reliable EV charging app solutions.

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Key Features of An EV Charging Station App

Having an electric vehicle is not enough, you need to recharge it from time to time. Finding a nearby EV charging station is a difficult task. There are chances of going out of charge while you are driving to remote areas. An EV charging app can be helpful in such scenarios.


Locate Charging Station

You can find a nearby EV charging station easily with the help of the app. The EV charging station locator helps you find the nearby station where you can charge your vehicle.

Book Your Slot in Advance

Say bye-bye to waiting booking a charging slot in advance. The EV charging app allows you to slot booking for EV charging in advance. You can go at the booking time and charge your vehicle.

Push Notifications

Stay updated with the latest news and information with push notifications. The app sends you push notifications from time to time such as charging status, location of the nearby charging stations, etc.

Pay Online for Recharging

You don’t have to pay cash while charging your electric vehicle. You can always pay through the app directly at any EV charging station.

Stay Informed

You can stay informed with the EV charging app. The app reminds you of the nearby charging stations, payment status, the latest offers, etc.

Offer Seamless Experience to Users

Users would love a feature-rich EV charging app that offers them a seamless experience. You will be able to serve your customers in a more meaningful manner and customers would also reciprocate.

Custom Mobile App Solutions for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Here is a list of EV Charging app solutions that we offer:

Custom EV Charging App Development

Custom EV Charging App Development

Let our expert EV Charging app developers build an app from scratch to deliver the best, feature-rich, and superior app that drives more engagements and ROI on the table.

EV Charging Station Management App

EV Charging Station Management App

We, being a leading EV charging app development company australia, can also build an EV Charging station management app that ensures that everything runs smoothly and effortlessly. You can reduce your electricity costs to a great extent and monitor your station remotely.

Enterprise Solutions for Charge Point Operators

Enterprise Solutions for Charge Point Operators

We can develop a custom EV Charging management software that can help manage multiple charge point operators and responds immediately in case of any concerns in real-time.

EV Charging Billing and Payment Solutions

EV Charging Billing and Payment Solutions

Our electromobility app development services can help you streamline your billing operations and revenue management effectively with your own billing rules and hassle-free payment options.

EV Fleet Management Software

EV Fleet Management Software

Our cloud-based fleet management software can help you manage your charging stations and electric vehicles in real-time and perform station maintenance remotely.

EV Roaming Software Development

EV Roaming Software Development

With an EV roaming software, EV drivers can access to hundreds of EV Charging stations across the australia. You can develop an EV charging station and list them in the network to start getting more customers.

Planning For EV Charging Station Finder App?

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Advantages of Developing an EV Charging Station App

Here is a list of benefits of EV charging station finder app development:

  • Easy Access to Information

    Easy Access to Information

    An EV Charging app can facilitate users with all the right information for effective electric vehicle management.

  • Saves Time

    Saves Time

    By locating the nearby EV charging station, customers can save a lot of time and effort and act quickly as well.

  • Offers a Great User Experience

    Offers a Great User Experience

    EV charging apps facilitate users with some remarkable features, improving their user experience to a great extent.

  • Offers Better ROI

    Offers Better ROI

    The number of electric vehicles is increasing. You will get more downloads and more revenues and ROI.

  • Advanced Booking

    Advanced Booking

    Customers can book the charging slot in advance to save time. It also helps in EV charging station management.

  • Helps in Emergency Situations

    Helps in Emergency Situations

    In case of emergencies, the app can help customers to find nearby EV charging stations for help.

Why Choose Best Remote Team for Your Electric Vehicle Software Development?

EV Charging Expertise

EV Charging Expertise

Sheer technical expertise in the domain.

Adherence to Industry Protocols

Adherence to Industry Protocols

We adhere to Industry protocol.

Close Cooperation

Close Cooperation

Smooth communication and collaboration.

Seamless Experience

Seamless Experience

Flawless and smooth user experience.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

High-end, user-centric features.

Monetization Options

Monetization Options

Multiple monetization options available.

EV Development Process We Follow

Planning and Research : We first work on the idea and research about competitors, industry, and target audience.

Step 01

UI/UX Design : The 2nd phase is all about designing an intuitive, engaging, and attractive user interface for the app.

Step 02

Front-End and Backend Development : In the 3rd phase, we work on the front end and back end of the app and develop all the features and functionalities.

Step 03

Testing and Deployment : The last phase is thorough testing of the app with the latest testing tools and then deploying the app-on-app stores.

Step 04

Tech Stack for EV Charging Station Finder App Development

Here is a list of technologies and tools we use for custom EV charging software development.

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails

Our Portfolio

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