• Our Top-Notch Laravel Development Services

    In business, social networking is the new currency that is needed to make an ecosystem. When you hire Laravel Developer India, he ensures that you get the right innovation to keep the audience engaged and supportive. He knows what entices your customers.

  • Laravel Social Networking Solutions

    Our Laravel programmers are highly skilled and passionate professionals who can build customized and scalable front-end Laravel applications for desktop and mobile. Their years of industry experience will enable you to deliver applications with high performance that, too, in the deadline.

  • Laravel Porting and Migration

    Hire dedicated Laravel developers who can create results-driven applications based on the specific needs and market demands. Our developers can help you migrate your web application into the latest Laravel framework without letting you lose the essential data, information including contents, images, videos and important stuff.

  • Laravel Template Design

    When it comes to creating future projects with utmost ease and comfort, then having custom templates based on Laravel is extremely helpful. A well-designed template helps developers get through the complexities that Laravel development possesses and enables even newbies to make the best out of this technology. However, certain factors can't be ruled out.

  • Laravel Testing and Deployment

    Deployment isn't complex if the app or web app goes through proper testing and quality analysis. We have a team that includes expert developers, designers, QA, Testers, and a project manager who keep a very close eye on every activity going around the project. Deployment is carried out under the intense care industry experts who can take all sorts of responsibilities to make a thriving contribution into your business.

  • Laravel Web Development

    At Best Remote Team, we have Laravel developers with vast experience in creating exceptional web applications, including the integration of APIs into a diverse range of applications for all or specific industry needs. You can always count on them to deliver your promise, that's what they trained for, apart from their core expertise.

  • Enterprise Laravel Solutions

    Laravel is all about creating an outstanding web application to develop an exceptional contribution to business success. Making an application for a small or mid-sized business could be a matter of hours even for new-age Laravel developers. However, creating a large scale enterprise-grade solution can be a challenging task, without a doubt. When you hire Laravel developer from India, our developers are well versed with such a framework to build scalable applications for a wide range of industry verticals.

  • Dedicated Laravel Developers

    Hire our Laravel programmers, they are dedicated to your projects, and they can stick to it until the project is fully developed, tested and deployed. That means our policy is "one project at a time." The team assigned to the project assigned to the team will not be given another project unless the o-going project is completed.

  • Laravel maintenance & support

    When you hire Laravel developers from Best Remote Team, our job is to create a long-lasting relationship. We make sure that you continue to get the support you need post-deployment. We have a team who dedicatedly take care of projects we have developed for you. You will continue to receive their support as long as you need.

  • Why Hire Laravel Developers from Best Remote Team?

    At Best Remote Team, we ensure to work as a team, working tirelessly to bridge the gap between clients and developers. Whether you wish to have Laravel freelance developer, the experience is more extensive when you hire dedicated Laravel developers that too from us, the Best Remote Team. You must be gauging why you should hire the top Laravel Developers. Here are the answers;

  • Agile methodology

    Our Laravel developers work as a team that also include designers, QA and PM who make an excellent contribution to the project development. When you hire Laravel developer, he ensures that project development is done utilizing agile methodology so that you get the project developed in time.

  • Profound technical knowledge

    All our developers are experienced, this is not a hidden fact, as you can take their interviews, go through their past projects and experiences with the relevant works. They have worked on plenty of such works in the past and have made each of their projects successful. We are committed to delivering 100% unique and quality product delivery. In short, whether you hire dedicated Laravel developers or as freelance Laravel developers, you get the same zeal of passion for every project.

  • Daily reporting & direct communication

    When our Laravel developers’ team work on your project, they are also entitled to respond to you anytime you wish to. Besides, we can decide the time, and you will get continuous support and reporting from the dedicated project manager.

  • Cost-effective solution

    How much does it cost to develop a Laravel project? That's the question every vendor keeps asking when they create the project. We at Best Remote Team, understand how important it is for startups, small and mid-sized businesses to be cost-effective. Hence, we assure you, you never have a question about cost-effectiveness.

  • Flexible hiring models

    We offer an ad hoc model to hire Larvel developers from us. Besides, you can hire as many developers as you wish to. Whether it is a team of 20 or 40 or 50, we offer all flexibility within your reach and project requirement.

  • Years of Experience

    Expertise comes after experience, and all our developers are experienced and take pride in that. They are the backbone of our popularity that has earned hundreds of reliable clients for us. Their impeccable development approach makes them expert to work on Laravel App Development. Thankfully, we possess more than a 95% retention rate.

Hire Industry-Specific Laravel Developers

Laravel is a widespread technology and is widely recognized for its effectiveness. Most fortune 500 companies are using this technology from news, technology to manufacturing applications. Here are some of the top companies using the Laravel Framework;

    • BBC
    • 9GAG
    • Pfizer
    • Crowdcube
    • Lenovo
    • FedEx and more

List of Technology our Laravel Developers Use

We utilize all technologies to deliver the outstanding application that makes the best contribution you have ever had. Here are some of the top technology stack we work with Laravel Development.

Content Technology Stacks
  • Database
  • Editor
  • Packages
  • UX Designing
  • Frameworks
  • Platforms
  • Project Management
Technology Stacks
  • MongoDB PostgreSQL MySQL
  • PHP StromeVisual Studio CodeNotepad++Sublime
  • Laravel, LaravelExceptionMailerkodeine/laravel-aclmacsidigital/laravel-zoomfirebase/php-jwtgoogle/apiclientlaravel/socialiteEtc
  • ZeplineInvisionadobe XD
  • Lumen, Laravel V 8.12.3
  • firebase analytics Amazon Web Services(AWS)DockerAzureHeroku
  • JIRA Trello BaseCamp

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