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Business Problem

Our client, Mr. Tom Christian offers high-quality interior design services for residential and corporate companies. He has a flair for interior designing with unique ideas and state-of-the-art finishings, keeping in mind the latest interior design trends, fashion, and themes. Though he has a good website, he wanted to transform his web presence by developing an app. He wanted an interior design app with good features, functionalities, and images. He wanted a visually compelling, rich-looking, and highly responsive app that would impress users instantly and get him more visitors. He also wanted to penetrate other territories to expand his business. He discussed in length the current challenges, solutions he wanted, and other crucial details.

Flutter came to our mind to develop an interior design app instantly as it is one of the most preferred programming languages for apps. We understood the requirements of the client and the current problems they were facing.

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We made a list of challenges Mr. Robert was facing with his current website.

Outdated Current Website

The website was not up to the mark. It was a static app with almost no attractive images, content, and useful information.

Navigation Issues

The website also had navigation issues. Users were finding it difficult to find what they were looking for.

Lack of Visitors

The website was failing to create an impact and hence, was not getting enough visitors for the clients from the local area.

Unimpressive Website

The website was very dull, cluttered, and effective. It had poor color combinations, an ineffective user interface, and poor content.

Lack of Customer-centric Features

The website was not designed in a manner to fulfill the needs of customers. It lacked several customer-centric features.

Responsiveness Issues

The mobile was not responsive when you open from a mobile browser. It was a vital problem as millennials browse through mobile phones nowadays.

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The Solution

Here is what we have offered to the client for the Interior design app development project.

easy navigate

Easy-To-Navigate App

We have developed an interior design app that is easy to navigate and easy to use for customers to reduce bounce rates.

responsive web app

Responsive App

We have developed a highly responsive app that offers a magnificent user experience to customers on mobile browsers.


Added Images and Portfolio

We have added high-quality, high-resolution images and a portfolio to impress first-time visitors looking for interior design services.

customer centric

Customer-centric Information

We have added a number of customer-friendly features such as a contact form, new informative content, working methodology, etc.


Uncluttered UI/UX

Our designers came up with a highly clean, uncluttered, and impressive user interface that can do magic when seen.


Added Effective CTAs

We also introduced call-to-action buttons on various sections of different pages for users to contact the service providers.

Technology Stack

Here is a list of technologies we used for the interior design app.

vuejs logo
java script logo
nodejs logo
php logo
ruby on rails
postgresql logo
mongodb logo
amazon web services
microsoft azure logo
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform


Here is the impact that we have received after the launch of the app.

  • 1. The client was very happy with the newly designed app.

  • 2. In the first quarter, he saw more visitors compared to the last quarter.

  • 3. He started getting leads from other states as well.

  • 4. The session duration increased up to 35%

  • 5. The bounce rate decreased up to 40%.

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