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Hire Dedicated Remote Developers for Your Business

Best Remote Team is your one-stop solution if you are looking to hire a team of expert developers. Whether you want the team to work on your existing project or you want to develop a new web or mobile app, our dedicated programmers will ensure the best outcomes that suit your business purposes. We have a large database of dedicated developers, designers, quality analysts, UI/UX designers, project managers, and others. Hiring developers is like smooth sailing with us.

Our hiring process is simple, straightforward, and can be completed in a few clicks. A dedicated developer associated with Best Remote Team is already pre-vetted and you can trust his skills, expertise, and experience.

The dedicated developer model is one of the most preferred hiring models worldwide. Here, you can hire a dedicated team after interviewing them personally. You can have the development team with the skillset you are looking for in your project. All you need to do is to choose your dedicated development team and we will take care of payroll, administration, and talent management affairs.

Furthermore, our software developers are well-equipped with the latest technologies and tools. You can save your overhead costs to a great extent. Our talented developers will first understand your business requirements, business nature, and competitors, and then design a development strategy. Also, our web and mobile app developers have earned a reputation to complete and deliver development projects on time. Hire remote software developers through Best Remote Team now.

Hire Cost-Savvy Dedicated Developers

Boost your business with our experienced offshore developers, who are experts in both cutting-edge and classic technologies. Hire our dedicated remote developers, renowned for developing advanced web and mobile apps that are perfectly tailored to your start-up or established enterprise.

Why Hire Remote Developers in India for Your Next Project?

When considering your next project, the decision to hire remote developers in India can be a game-changer. The benefits are numerous, ranging from cost efficiency to access to a diverse talent pool. Let’s explore into why partnering with Indian developers is a strategic choice:

Greater Productivity

Many studies have revealed that remote workers bring more productivity on table than on-site teams. We have helped our clients to grow superlatively by offering tailor-made software and mobile app solutions that give a competitive edge over others.

When you hire offshore developers with us, you have a team of experienced developers with certified knowledge and skill set. They will leave no stones unturned to offer you highly innovative solutions with excellent productivity. You will have your project delivered on time with improved productivity and efficiency.

Multiple Options to Choose From

When you decide to hire a remote team for your software or mobile app development project, you will have access to a large talent pool, within your budget. Furthermore, you can reduce infrastructure and overhead costs to a great extent. When you hire remote developers India, you can get high-quality work in the best budget, thanks to currency differences between the two countries.

Furthermore, these remote teams have their own tools and technologies required to complete the project. You don’t have to facilitate them with the tools. It will cut down your costs also. You can interview them before hiring to check whether they possess skills and expertise you are looking for in your project.

With Best Remote Team, you can have the best competent team of developers, designers, and quality analysts who will work dedicatedly on your project. Sometimes, you find it difficult to find a developer with a specific skill set. In such cases, you can hire offshore developers to get your work done.

Trust Best Remote Team and expect full transparency. We will offer you the best quality work within your budget.

Excellent Quality Work

When you hire Best Remote Team, we can guarantee the best-in-class quality work for your project. Our developers are subject-matter experts who are well-versed with the know-how of the domain. They will leverage their expertise to cater to your complex and challenging business needs.

At Best Remote Team, we don’t have tolerance for substandard work. We take up every project as a challenge and work as it is the last project we have in our hand. We will ensure the best quality work that helps you accomplish your business goals. Software and apps developed by our developers are of world-class quality.

All you need to do is to hire offshore developers from Best Remote Team. We believe in developing life-long relationships and will work as your partner to take your business to new heights.

Equipped with the latest tools and technologies

We have the best-in-class infrastructure and all the latest tools and technologies at our disposal. No matter how complex and advanced your project requirements are, our dedicated developers and designers will cater to your custom needs. Our standardized project tools are originally licensed to offer the best IT solutions to serve your business goals.

Our developers will first plan the whole project development process and will prepare a list of tools, technologies, and other things in advance to ensure a smooth development process. For example, for the app development process, we have Kobiton, Buddy, Jamf, Appypie, Swiftic, Xamarin, Ionic, Longrange, Qt, Mobile Angular UI, NativeScript, OnsenUI, FireBase, and other tools at our disposal.

Hire the best remote developers who are equipped with the latest tools and technologies to design a solution that serves your business goals brilliantly.

Our Esteemed Clients Who Trust Us

Full Commitment

At Best Remote Team, we are committed to offer our full attention to your project. In fact, it is our Unique Selling Proposition (USP). We have helped clients skyrocket their revenues and visibility by offering high-quality, and tailor-made software and app solutions.

Most enterprises and businesses hesitate to hire offshore developers as they worry about commitment issues. However, we are different. We have a proven portfolio to show how we helped clients write their businesses’ growth stories.

We have a pre-defined, agile approach when it comes to software development. We stick to it and ensure everything goes as planned to save costs and time for our clients. In addition to that, every person in the team works dedicatedly on the client’s project. It helps us to focus on the client’s pain points and address issues that they face.

Hire remote developers India from Best Remote Team and you will not disappoint. They strive to offer you the most innovative software and app solutions that can help you address your business goals.

No Language Barriers

You might find language as a barrier while hiring a remote team for your project. However, it is not a worrisome situation. All our developers and designers are well-versed with English, a universal language across the globe. When you hire remote developers India with Best Remote Team, you can rely on them to understand your requirements fully and work accordingly.

Our developers have a different approach when it comes to developing an app or software. They will jolt down your requirements first after understanding your business requirements. Then, they will confirm the requirements with you to ensure that they have understood the requirements. They will start only when you give the approval.

Our team possess excellent communication skills and develop tailored apps and software as per your custom business needs.

No Need of Infrastructure

Suppose you have to develop an in-house team for your app development project. It will cost you a lot. You have to hire not just human resources, you also have to develop infrastructure. The ideal solution is to hire remote developers India with full-fledged infrastructure and tools needed to complete the project.

You will need the right set of hardware and software tools to complete the project. We have these tools at our disposal to complete the project with flying colors. All you need to do is to hire offshore developers from Best Remote Team and we will do the job for you.

It is another advantage of hiring an offshore development company. They have infrastructure ready to start the project. You can reduce your costs to a great margin. It also improves efficiency and productivity as well. From software and hardware tools to fast internet connection and advanced technologies, we have everything you ask for.

100% Control Over the Team

You are hiring a team of professionals who will work as per your instructions. You will have full control over the team when you hire offshore developers with Best Remote Team.

Every day or week, determined by both the parties, you will get a full work report for the project. Also, the team will be a call or message away from you. If you have any inputs or valuable suggestions, you can talk with the team instantly.

Having a strong, clear, and transparent communication strategy among stakeholders is crucial for any project to succeed. With Best Remote Team, we understand the importance of transparency. You will have full control of the project and developers working on it.

Remote developers are easy to work with when you communicate with them with ease. Our remote developers will stay connected with you to give you project updates and to receive your valuable suggestions.

Project Delivery On Time

One thing you would obviously expect from an in-house or remote team: project delivery on time. Won’t you?

Well, you don’t have to worry at all if you hire offshore developers with Best Remote Team. When it comes to project completion, our track record is 100%. Usually, when you hire someone who is working on multiple projects, such deadline issues arise.

However, when you hire remote developers India with Best Remote Team, developers will work dedicatedly on your project. They will not be working on any other project except your project. You will get your project submitted before time.

We have set a benchmark when it comes to commitment, dedication, and transparency. You can best rely on us when it comes to project deadlines. We very well understand the importance of project completions on time and we will adhere to deadlines and plan in advance to ensure delivery on time.

With Best Remote Team, you will not hear about missed deadlines. We can guarantee that.

Data Security and Confidentiality

When you hire an offshore development company for software development, you will share highly sensitive data with them. Worrying about the security of such sensitive data is natural.

However, with Best Remote Team, you don’t have to worry at all. We are highly responsible and transparent when it comes to data security. Before kick-starting the project, we will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you to assure you about your data privacy.

Before you associate with any company, sign an NDA as it will protect your rights. In case of any data breaches and project incompletion issues, you can safeguard your interests.

We have a team of developers who have a proven track record of professionalism and commitment. Entrusting us with your data will not create any issues. When you hire offshore developers, they also sign a legal contract to safeguard your interests.

Our Esteemed Clients Who Trust Us

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Explore our client testimonials on Clutch to gain insights into our expertise and the transformative outcomes we've achieved for our clients. Embark on your digital transformation journey with confidence, guided by our proven track record of success.

Extended Team Model Vs Outsourcing Model What to Choose?

Why to hire dedicated remote developers instead of outsourcing a project to a software solution company? Well, the former model offers plenty of benefits to businesses.

Hiring A Remote Team

Outsourcing A Project

When you go for remote developers for hire, you will get the required skill set for your project. You can take interview the candidate before you hire him. You can ask questions related to his skills, project estimations, tools he will use, his past project details, etc. You can hire one that fits in your criteria.

When you outsource a project to a software development company, you don’t know who will work on the project. You cannot verify the team’s skills, expertise, and other details. You have to trust a random developer without knowing his skill set, efficiency, and productivity.

When you hire offshore developers with Best Remote Team, you can rest assured of quality of work. You will be in touch with the developer working on your project from the beginning of the project. You can discuss project progress, share your suggestions and inputs, and get regular reports. The developers assigned to you will develop a relationship with you. You will get exactly what you are looking for.

Here, you don't know who is working on your project. Furthermore, if you outsource multiple projects with an agency, there is a possibility of multiple developers working separately. Every time, you have to work with a new developer and it is exhausting to build a repo with a new developer for each project. It might affect performance and efficiency as well. Also, a new developer might not know of your working style and pattern.

When you hire a full-time remote developer, you can expect a full dedication to your project. You can rely on him as he is solely working on your project, not on multiple projects. You will get a great deal of commitment, productivity, and efficiency.

An agency developer might be working on multiple projects at the same time. They might not worry about losing out on one project. Hence, their dedication and commitment are questionable.

Our developers work on a full pay scale as per industry standards. So we easily retain them for our clients. You can expect 100% commitment and dedication from us.

When you hire an agency for your project, you might come across designers and developers leaving the agency for better opportunities. You have to work with a new developer and explain things from scratch. It is a worrisome scenario and might cost you efficiency and productivity.

Choosing remote staff lets you contact the developers directly. And thus you can cut the loop process of reaching out to the person in charge of your project. This reduces misunderstanding and barriers and triggers efficiency in work.

When you tend to hire a software agency for getting your work done, you may not have direct access to the developer. Usually, the team leader or the project manager will come to the forefront to cater to your needs. The message is passed on to the developers through a proper channel which seems quite chaotic. Thus you can expect a slowed-down process further leading to delays in the project completion.

A Remote Team Model - What Is It?

The remote team hiring model is a new concept but offers a wide range of benefits to businesses. The main difference between a software development outsourcing model and a remote team hiring model is that you can choose dedicated developers in the remote team model. You can pre-vet dedicated developers and interview them before hiring them.

Furthermore, you can also save operational costs as remote developers have the state-of-art infrastructure and tools at their disposal. All you need to do is to share your project idea and requirements with the Best Remote Team and we will assign you the remote developers as per your skill set and experience requirements.

Then, you can take personal interviews with dedicated developers and hire the best one for your project.

All you just need to do is to hire remote developers in India. We will take care of other things such as office management, HR, payroll, taxes, team retention, etc.

Our Portfolio

Check out some of the projects we have accomplished for our clients.


CourierLink – Courier Delivery App

We developed a courier delivery app for Mr. Peter Chapler, who wanted to streamline processes and improve efficiency in his courier and transportation company.

Case Study

DecorEase – Interior Design App

Our client was an interior designer in the USA with more than 15 years of experience. He had his business website, but he wanted to reach out to his audience via a new app. Hence, he approached us for an interior design app development.

Case Study

FreshDrop Grocery App

Mr. Rony Crew, a grocery store owner in New York, wanted to make his business available online. He asked the best Remote Team to help him and they created an app that allowed customers to search, order and pay online.

Case Study

Handy Ease – A Perfect Handyman App

Mr. Tom Anderson approached us with a brilliant idea: a clone app like Uber, but for finding local handy help at your fingertips. Our team did deep research, analyzed the market, dissected the audience's needs, and outshone the competition.

Case Study
hire handyman app developers india

Ludo Game Development

Mr. Mark robins came to us with the idea of developing a Ludo game for Android and ios. Mr robins were looking for an Android ludo game that offers a seamless and engaging user experience to its users. We developed this game keeping in flow with aesthetic guidelines to make it user-friendly and easily accessible by people.

Case Study

NovaMeet Dating App

Mr. Robert Clerk was interested in making a dating app that allows users to find their ideal partners. He wanted to make an app that has advanced features. We are a leading dating app development company. We said yes to his project and developed an exclusive, robust, and feature-rich dating app that perfectly served their expectations.

Case Study

ParkingPulse – Digital Parking App

Mr. Courtney Marsh brought us the idea of a parking app for easy booking and renting of spaces during personal or work-related outings. A leading parking app developer, we quickly crafted a perfect solution tailored to those seeking premium parking services.

Case Study

SweatBuddy Fitness App

A person who is really interested in fitness and has a degree related to health asked us to make an app that is easy to use and makes money. We are excited to help them make the best app for a good price.

Case Study

TeleDocPro – A Pocket Doctor

Dr. Robert Jefferson wanted to make a special app to help doctors treat patients better. The Best Remote Team helped him make an app that is very secure and has lots of features.

Case Study

Tour Trekker – Travel Booking Website

A founder named Robert Sampson contacted us to build a travel booking website for his business in the USA. Our developers understood the requirements first and came up with a feature-rich, comprehensive, and robust travel booking website.

Case Study

Industries We Serve

We have successfully helped businesses belonging to almost all industry verticals. Our dedicated developers can help you build industry-specific solutions that perfectly serve your business interests.

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