Ludo Game Development Problem

People have started playing indoor games on their mobile phones, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Ludo is a classic board game that can be played online with loved ones.

There are many such Ludo game apps available online, but the main problem is engagement. Some games are with so many ads that people find it difficult to continue.

The client wanted to go for Ludo game app development that offers the best user experience to players and also offers some real money and coupons. The client wanted us to develop a Ludo game that is highly interactive, easy to use, and easy to navigate. Also, the client wanted to design an app that allows friends to join online to play the game.

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The Challenge

Here is a list of challenges we faced during Ludo game mobile app development:

Multiplayer Mode

The client wanted to develop a real time Ludo game that allows multiple local or online players to play the game.

Social Media Invites

The client wanted to develop a high-quality app that allows users to invite their social media friends and family to play the game online.

Rewards System

The client wanted to reward winners who win the games during the tournaments and matches.

User-friendly Design

The client wanted a simple, uncluttered, and aesthetically appealing user interface that impresses the users instantly.

Tournament Modes

The client also wanted to add various tournament modes for the game to improve engagement and participation.

Subscription Plans

The client wanted to add some subscription-based plans for enthusiastic players.

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End-to-end Solution

Here is a list of solutions we were able to offer to our client through the Ludo game app development services.

Simple Design

Simple Design

We came up with a minimal design with very light color palettes to make the app visually appealing and engaging.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

We have added push notifications to be sent to the users who are not playing regularly related to rewards and invites.

Playing with Influencers

Playing with Influencers

We came up with a playing local mode with the best Ludo players from the world for users.

Avatar Selection

Avatar Selection

Users can easily create their avatars within the app for their profiles to make the online gaming experience more engaging and appealing.

In-app Chat Option

In-app Chat Option

We also have added a chat facility for users where they can chat with other online players seamlessly.

Online Payments

Online Payments

Users can pay online if they want to buy a subscription for the advanced levels of the game.

Technologies We Use in Ludo Game Development

Here is a list of technologies we have used to develop a Ludo game app.

Unity 3D
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop


Here is what we have achieved for our client:

  • 1. The number of downloads increased to a great extent.

  • 2. The amount of time people spent on the app has increased.

  • 3. Hundreds of positive reviews, especially about the simplicity of design.

  • 4. The app uninstallation ratio is minimum.

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