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    In the first call, we will discuss general terms & conditions about the association, legal and payment details, business needs, team structure, and job descriptions. Here, we have two service models to offer to you:

  • Intake Call & Recruitments

    We will make a list of potential candidates after going through your project requirements. Here, you have the option of hiring one developer or developing an entire cross-functional team.

  • WorkShop

    Before the actual project starts, you can take a workshop with the candidates and discuss your project requirements and expectations from the team.

  • Interview and Hire
    Remote Developers

    • We have a large database of developers, designers, and quality analysts. Once you raise the job description for the team, we will find the best candidates who match the skill set shared by you. We will personally screen every candidate and then forward the profile to you. Now, you can take up as many interview rounds as you want to find the right candidate for the project.
    • You can use any random methodology or test to choose the right candidate for the project. You can request code samples, ask for a sample task, or organize live coding sessions. If you want to run a background check on any developer, we will do that for you. To hire your perfect team of developers in India, you are also welcome to come to our offices to interview the final candidates in person, or bring them over to your headquarters with our travel assistance. If you aren't sure what are the most efficient interview methods and tactics in your particular case, our experts are always there to consult you.
  • Start Working

    • We have the best remote office with all tools, technologies and required infrastructure. When you hire dedicated developers, they will work from our offices. Apart from that, we will take care of other employment aspects such as payroll, taxes, employee records, vacations, sick days, and other administrative tasks. You can focus on your core tasks while developers work on the project under your guidance.
    • You will decide the development methodology for your remote team. Most of our developers use agile methodologies for software or app development. We will help you set up the process.
  • Ongoing support

    • Once you associate with us, we will assign you a dedicated human resources or project manager. The manager will be responsible to develop a productive relationship between you and hired developers. If any communication or functional issues arise, he will intervene and address those issues immediately.
    • Hire dedicated developers who will work as your full-time in-house developers. They will keep you updated with the latest happenings in the project and report on time. Also, they will take a proactive approach to complete and deliver the project on time.
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