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Business Problem

When we decide to plan a trip, the first thing that comes to our minds is to find the right destination. We look around online or offline resources and finalize the travel destination and then start preparing for the trip. Then, we will check out the places to visit in that particular destination, search & book hotels, and check out other things. However, you will need a good travel booking website to do all these things. Mr. Robert wanted to eliminate many problems and challenges that users face while booking their trips on various travel booking sites. He wanted to develop a website that is highly attractive, easy to navigate, and easy to use and with advanced features.

We have come up with the right solutions and developed a feature-rich, end-to-end, and highly uncluttered travel booking website that allows users to check out various destinations, hotels, information related to destinations, reviews, and other crucial details.

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The Challenge

We first made a list of problems that tourists faced while booking their trips.

Lack of Information

Most travel booking sites lack information related to a particular destination. Information such as reviews, list of tourist attractions, etc.

Clear and User-Friendly User Interface

The travel booking website should be easy to navigate, easy to use, and visually pleasing to get the attention of users.

Easy and Quick Search Facility

Users should be easy to search hotels in their area within the website with different search parameters such as stars, costs, and others.

Transportation Information

For foreigners, finding the right, cost-effective transportation is crucial. The website must consist of information for all transportation modes.

Quick Hotel Booking and Checkout

Users can search and book the hotel instantly and should be able to checkout while paying online on the same page.

A Virtual Assistant

If a user is confused or has questions while he is on the website, a virtual assistant should be there to guide him in the right and accurate manner.

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The Solution

Here is how we helped Mr. Robert with an impressive, feature-rich travel booking website.


Information-Rich, Uncluttered Website

Our expert developers came up with a stunning, information-rich website that has all the features and functionalities you look for in an ideal travel booking website.


Intuitive UI/UX Design

We have developed an impressive and highly interactive user interface to attract customers instantly. The user interface of the app is highly clear, concise, and uncluttered.


Payment on the Same Page

If a user wants to pay for a flight or hotel room, he can do so on the same page without getting redirected to another page. It makes the checkout process quick and effortless.

flight hotel booking

Instant Flight, Bus, Train, and Hotel Booking

Users can easily book a flight, bus, train, and hotel through the website instantly with comprehensive price comparison details.

user profile

Personal User Profile

We have developed a personal user profile for all users where they can see their personal details, past trips, travel recommendations, and customized offers.

various payment

Various Payment Options

We facilitated users with multiple payment options such as debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, net banking, etc.

Technology Stack

Here is a list of technologies we used for the travel booking website.

vuejs logo
java script logo
nodejs logo
php logo
ruby on rails
postgresql logo
mongodb logo
amazon web services
microsoft azure logo
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform


Here is the impact that we have received after the launch of the app.

  • 1. 200% Increased Visits after the launch

  • 2. Impressive Revenues in the first quarters

  • 3. Got 1000+ positive reviews from users

  • 4. Noticed a clear spike in bookings

  • 5. Earned a position of a promising travel booking player

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