A notable example of outsourcing is everyone’s favorite Microsoft. They have been tapping into the outsourcing benefits for their software development with offshore development companies. It has helped them stay at the helm of innovation by accessing skilled people and top-notch infrastructure.

Outsourcing is a great boon in modern times as it helps you hire an iOS application developer to bolster your business application. They understand the nuances of your industry, are abreast with the latest trends and can accelerate your development cycles.

As a skilled developer, they can maneuver the landscape and offer the best solutions. The iOS landscape has seen exceptional growth and it is an exciting time to launch your iPhone application. However, most businesses let iOS out of their scope owing to the high cost of development.

In 2023, Statista estimated that $ 257 billion in apps were downloaded.

number of global mobile app downloads 2016-2023

If you have a good development partner, you can reduce the development costs via outsourcing. This blog guides you to explore the hiring costs for iOS app developers in 2024. You will learn the top factors influencing your hiring decision and the ways to optimize the cost.

Top 8 Key Factors that Influence the iOS Developer Hiring Cost

According to the latest update by Indeed, the average salary for an iOS developer is $125,842 per year in the United States.

It is never a single thing that impacts your iOS developer hiring cost. You must consider all facets before you can estimate the final iOS development cost.

top 8 key drivers affecting ios developer hiring expenses

1) Experience and Expertise

When an experienced developer starts working on the application, they can reduce the timelines by half. Here are the elements to consider when looking at the developer’s experience.

  • When you are estimating the costs, you must choose a developer with the appropriate expertise. If your developer is highly skilled and has years of experience, they may be expensive. However, they can easily find solutions to complex issues. Moreover, they can create the most fluid workflows.
  • There are iOS developers proficient with Swift UI and ARKit. These are specialized skills that influence their pricing. However, these skills can add value to your business. Moreover, you will find that these skills are scarce in the market.
  • The portfolio showcases the incredibly successful projects completed by the iOS developers. You can use this showcase to determine the skills and experience of your developer. It will also influence the pricing for the business.

2) Geographical Location

  • The cost of living can also influence their hiring cost. If your developer lives in a country with a higher living cost, the hourly rates may be high. In case they live in regions with low living costs, it will lead to competitive hourly rates.
  • The demand for iOS developers in the location can also impact the hourly rates. If there is a high demand and limited resources, the cost is higher.

3) Complexity of the Project

  • Features can drive the cost of hiring an iOS developer for your upcoming project. Some projects may require extensive features or functionality. This can cost you more compared to simple projects. This is because your developer needs to spend more time and effort in completing this course.
  • If you are dealing with the scalability of a complex project, you need sophisticated architecture and infrastructure to offer that. It may also need more tools for testing and optimization. This can impact your hiring cost.

4) App Design

  • The design can impact your hiring costs. If you need elaborate designs with customized graphics, you need to pay a higher hourly rate. The designer needs to multiply their efforts to offer customized solutions.
  • You might incur extra charges for hiring the user experience designer. They will help you plan your interface experience and improve its usability.

5) Hiring Models

  • You can choose the hourly rate engagement mode. Here the developers are paid against the hours put into the project. It is a flexible model. It can help projects where the requirements keep refining periodically. It requires frequent updates.
  • The fixed retainer model will help you get a dedicated team for your development requirements. they may not be flexible, as they work with a tight scope. Moreover, you would need to define the project requirements at the planning stage.

6) Retainer Agreements

  • The first type includes a fixed condition between the client and the developer. In this case, a fixed amount is decided from the start. It is best for businesses that are looking for a long-term collaboration with their iOS developers.
  • When you include predictable costs, you plan for contingencies. In this case, the clients can suggest newer needs or features. The cost will take into account these refinements.

7) Tech Trends

  • When you adopt newer technologies into your project, you need specialists with experience. These developers may cost you more as they have gained specific skills and expertise.
  • Developers must ensure that your platform is updated regularly. This will influence positive interactions. It can also help with enhancing the market value and delivering the best solutions. The developers who are abreast with the platform updates may charge higher.

8) Work Dynamics

  • Whether the team is working remotely or at the office can also influence your hiring costs. In the case of a remote structure, the pricing is more flexible and cost-efficient. In the case of on-site work dynamics, you may pay a little more.
  • If your developer uses tools and platforms to communicate with you, it helps avoid lengthy meetings. This can enhance the team’s productivity, which impacts your development timelines. It can also influence the cost of hiring an iOS app developer.

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Top 3 Cost Breakdown by App Type

We will look at the cost of developing a simple app versus creating a moderate or complex app in this segment.

top 3 cost breakdowns across different app types

1) Simple App

  • It will take the developer approximately 100-200 hours to develop a simple app. It takes less time as you need to introduce simple features and a basic interface.
  • The design is equally straightforward. You may have to pay an upfront $1k to $5k for the interface design.
  • A simple app comes with basic features that can lower development expenses. You may need to pay anywhere between $5k and $20k to introduce these features.
  • Lastly, it requires basic testing strategies that start at $500.

2) Moderate App

  • Your developer can accomplish moderate iOS application development services in 200-400 hours. It extends a moderately complex interface design.
  • As these designs are not too complex, you will spend about $5000 to $15000 on these applications.
  • You need to enable features like user authentication, database management and social sharing to the application. This will cost you approximately $20k.
  • This requires slightly extensive testing, which can start at $1k.

3) Complex App

  • Your developer will need at least 400 hours to develop a complex app with intricate functions and features.
  • It can add to the complexity of the designs, which will increase the development costs. You may need to pay anywhere between $15k and $50k for the design.
  • Adding slightly advanced features requires expert designers and developers. You may need to pay for mid-range experienced developers. The cost of developing complex apps starts at $50k.
  • It requires complex and rigorous testing to release high-quality applications. This may cost you anywhere between $5k and $20k.

Note: These are approximate costs. It can vary according to the region, salaries and other aspects.

Freelance vs. Agency: Decoding the Cost Discrepancy

You can choose between hiring a freelance developer and a dedicated development agency. You must decode the costs between these two hiring models. This will help you choose a suitable working model.

1) Freelance iOS App Developers

  • The freelancers may charge hourly rates for the project. You may need to consider the developer’s experience and location to determine the hourly rates.
  • The freelancers can extend flexibility concerning the engagement model. You can use the freelancer’s support for small-to-medium-sized projects. They can help you handle specific tasks easily.
  • You can directly connect with the freelancers. It can ensure prompt feedback and foster an exclusive working relationship.

Top Considerations

  • You need to mitigate the risks while working with freelancers. You must find reliable and professional individuals who can deliver the projects on time.
  • They may have limited resources and infrastructure. This may not help them handle large-scale projects requiring diverse skills.

2) App Development Agencies

  • The rates may be slightly higher than hiring freelancers. You may spend on their credibility, expertise, and location.
  • An agency can offer all-inclusive solutions for your business. They have resources for diverse skills that can help deliver projects on time.
  • Their in-house resources can help you scale your project team up or down depending on the needs.

Top Considerations

  • You must analyze the costs against the benefits. Look for a comprehensive service package that can add value to your project.
  • Most agencies are established with their project management approaches. You can use this to streamline the development.

It is crucial to consider your budget, project size and complexity while choosing the model for your business.

hourly rates of ios app developers by region

Understanding Development Models

There are diverse ways to hire an iOS app developer for your business project. Let’s look at each model in detail.

1) Hourly Rates

  • Your developers will charge for the total hours spent on the project. It offers great flexibility to clients and businesses.
  • In case you are working with small tasks or frequent updates, this is your best bet.
  • You can adjust the project scope or features dynamically to suit your requirements.
  • You must choose this model if you need flexibility and frequent updates.

2) Fixed-Price Contracts

  • This involves determining a fixed cost for a particular project. You can negotiate and define the budget based on the task requirements.
  • Fixed price contracts tend to follow a defined structure and process. You must define the milestones and deliverables.
  • With fixed-price contracts, you can reduce the day-to-day client involvement. The cost will depend on the scope of the project.

3) Dedicated Development Team

This structure allows you to work with a dedicated team of developers. They would handle the specific project with a stringent scope.

You can choose the retainer model for long-term projects. This will offer flexibility and scalability when managing tasks. You must follow specific requirements and can adapt to the changing requirements.

ios version market share

Source by:- Statcounter

Top 6 Ways to Optimize Hiring Costs

You may spend a lot of unnecessary money on hiring an iOS developer for your upcoming project. Here are ways to optimize hiring costs.

top 6 techniques to optimize hiring costs

1) Prioritizing Features

You must prioritize the features into the essential, desirable and future categories. This will help you plan the resources and design the model for cost efficiency.

Apart from prioritizing the features, you must also implement agile methodologies for iterative development. Using short development cycles, you can release the features faster.

2) Strategic Planning

You must define the goals for the project. When your scope is perfectly defined, it can help reduce the scope creep. This can help control the unnecessary expenses for your team.

Moreover, strategic planning can also contribute to risk mitigation. You can easily handle contingencies and manage the risks efficiently.

3) Flexible Engagement Models

You can choose freelancers if you have specific tasks or small-sized projects. This can reduce the total cost. However, if you have a long-term project, going with a flexible retainer model can help you manage the costs.

You can also use hybrid teams (a combination of in-house and remote) to build your solution. it can also offload the workflows and manage the labor costs.

4) Efficient Project Management

Project management is core to the efficient handling of iOS app development. You can implement agile management practices for streamlined development. Moreover, you can use feedback loops for continuous monitoring and dynamic adjustments.

You can also use the project management tools for efficient task allocation. It can help you increase the team’s efficiency.

5) Clear Communication

Ever heard how a small communication can prevent major issues? You can manage the costs and ensure defined expenses with proper communication channels.

Prompt communication can remove the bottlenecks and make the timelines effective. It can help reduce the unnecessary increase in timelines. You will also reduce the risk of rework with this approach.

Client-developer collaboration can also ensure frequent discussions and complete transparency.

6) Utilize Existing Resources

You can use the reusable components and in-built templates to give your project a headstart. Moreover, you can reduce development timelines by building on existing resources.

Best Key Negotiation Strategies

You must employ the best negotiation strategies to ensure the best cost outcomes. Here are a few strategies that you can rely upon.

  1. Know the industry benchmarks before defining the estimates for the iOS developer. You must know the location’s hourly rates, the best skills available and the developer’s experience. Know how these details are rated in the industry.
  2. Negotiate the work conditions and terms with the developer. Make sure you have assessed their requirements and offered the best outcome. This will ensure developer comfort and can help release the software on time.
  3. You must define the terms for payments and milestones. Make sure you are on the same page with regard to this arrangement.

hire ios mobile app developer


Hire iOS application developer in 2024 can foster innovation and launch capable iPhone/iPad applications. You must be aware of the costs involved in hiring the developer to plan your budget effectively.

The geographical location of the developer, their expertise and skills influence the hiring costs. Choosing a particular engagement model can also help you build the costs.

It is equally important to optimize the costs by ensuring stringent scope, the best working models and skills.

Best Remote Team can help you vet and choose the most suited developers for your iOS application project. Our team will consider your project requirements while delivering the solution.

Connect with our team so that we can analyze your requirements and help build an ideal solution.


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The average hourly rate for iOS app developers is anywhere between $39 and $79.
The cost of living, regional demand & supply and global wages are all location-dependent. These factors can influence the cost of hire iOS app developer.
You must be prepared for the third-party integrations, maintenance and error-handling costs that may not be in the scope or cost breakup. Additionally, you may also be charged for scaling the application.
SwiftUI adoption, 5G technology, ML and AI, UX and accessibility are a few trends that can impact the iOS app development cost.