In the mobile dominion, innovation is your currency and experience is your biggest differentiator. There is one brand that walks the talk with its innovative and experiential products- Apple.

The iconic iPhone has raised the bar of communication and defined the gold standard for app development. It stands tall and apart from the rest.

According to BusinessofApps, there were 2.18 million apps and games on the Apple app store in 2022. Together they generated a jaw-dropping $86.8 billion in revenue. This showcases the dominance of the platform. No wonder, even today the development world goes iPhone-first.

To deliver a cutting-edge solution for the lucrative iPhone market, you must partner with talented resources. The best partners will ensure high quality without compromising on user experience or app speed. We will explore the potential of Indian markets and discuss the top five companies in this article.

Why India for iPhone App Development?

Ever been told, “Outsource your app development to India?” Several businesses, startups and enterprises, keep hearing how India is a lucrative development market.

If you too have heard this and are wondering why, we may have the answer for you. You will find some incredible reasons why India is the best fit for iPhone app development.

  1. You cannot miss the talent that you get in India. They are armed with knowledge, experience and industry expertise. Moreover, they constantly evolve with continuous feedback and learning. That’s why the country is a powerhouse of iPhone developers who can craft unique mobile experiences.
  2. Who doesn’t want a cost-effective app solution? We all do! But, most often that comes at a compromise. You must either forego the quality or performance of the application. However, that doesn’t happen when you choose India. Here you get low-cost solutions with the best quality and performance within a timeline. You can have the cake and eat it too!
  3. India is an evolved tech hub. But, that’s not all! You have real innovation happening in this country. The best resources combine traditional wisdom with the latest tech trends to foster creative thinking. They don’t just meet your expectations but exceed them.
  4. We cannot emphasize the time-zone difference advantage you get by outsourcing development to India. While a lot of people believe it is a disadvantage, the country leverages this difference. The time-zone difference attracts 24/7 attention from developers. It helps your team meet their deadlines and accelerate the launch.

When you outsource mobile app development from India, you are getting more than just another coded project. You get the best brains to craft an experience that will wow your users.

The Top Factors to Select iOS App Development Companies

The success of your iOS application hinges on your development ally. In the digital quest, you can differentiate the champions by their prowess, designed masterpieces, and clientele. You can also use their financial landscapes and blueprints to highlight their competency.

Let’s dig into the world where a stellar portfolio and raving reviews combined with exceptional expertise can help you find your suitable partner. Here are the five pillars of a successful app development company.

key factors to select ios app development companies

#1 Expertise

The visionary and skilled iOS developers can translate your brilliant idea into a stellar iOS application. They breathe their expertise via Swift and XCode to build the pixel-perfect code for the project.

They are not just proficient with the code, but also with the standard practices and the industry benchmarks. If you get such stellar performers, you can win with your iOS application.

#2 Portfolio

The digital showcase is your candidate’s biggest achievement. It translates the words relevant to their ability into visuals. You get an understanding of their out-of-box thinking, versatility and skills.

This is an important factor especially when searching for a potential partner to support your project. Their visual symphony can project their knack for converting an idea into a functional application.

#3 Testimonials

The echoes of satisfied clients ring louder than your code and visuals. If your client needs are met, they enjoy a positive experience. This translates into an incredible review for the company.

You can walk through these reviews (read testimonials) to learn more about the company. Gain insights into how they managed to offer the solutions. You will learn a thing or two about the company’s skills and approach.

#4 Process

The process and methodology combine to offer a blueprint for project success. The path from ideation to execution is crucial in judging the development company’s ability.

Check out how they design the blueprint for the project, execute it flawlessly and ensure continuous improvement. See what makes them stand out from the rest and what factors contribute to their seamless execution.

#5 Cost Estimates

The cost of development is a critical factor in making the right decisions. If your partner can lower the costs while offering the same experience and quality within the timeline, you will go with them. You can complete the process once you have comparable quotes for the app development.

iPhone App Developer Cost Comparison

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of iPhone developer costs based on experience level in the countries you mentioned:

Country Experience Level Hourly Rate Monthly Rate
India Junior (0-2 years) $15-$25 $3,000-$5,000
Mid-level (2-5 years) $25-$35 $5,000-$7,000
Senior (5+ years) $35-$50+ $7,000-$10,000+
USA Junior (0-2 years) $30-$45 $6,000-$9,000
Mid-level (2-5 years) $45-$60 $9,000-$12,000
Senior (5+ years) $60-$80+ $12,000-$16,000+
UK Junior (0-2 years) £20-£35 £4,000-£7,000
Mid-level (2-5 years) £35-£50 £7,000-£10,000
Senior (5+ years) £50-£70+ £10,000-£14,000+
Ukraine Junior (0-2 years) $15-$25 $3,000-$5,000
Mid-level (2-5 years) $25-$40 $5,000-$8,000
Senior (5+ years) $40-$60+ $8,000-$12,000+

Top 5 iPhone App Development Companies in India

Do you want to learn the top five powerhouses of India that are reshaping iPhone app development? Renowned for their innovation abilities and digital triumphs, these companies excel in following the latest tech trends. They are trailblazers of innovation and exciting development services.

#1 Best Remote Team

Best Remote Team is your best bet if you want to hire dedicated iOS developers to deliver exceptional iPhone app solutions. They can build on your idea or improve your existing project with their core team.

Using a simple hiring process, you can access a 10 to 30 percent cost-efficient process with this iPhone development company. As they are proficient with cutting-edge and classic technologies, they can support your vision with perfection.

  1. They have incredible infrastructure equipped with the latest tools and technologies to build your iPhone application.
  2. Assured data security and confidentiality during and after the project. They ensure they follow security and implementation best practices.
  3. You get a team that is dedicated to your project. As a result, the entire focus and infrastructure is meant for you.
  4. Complete transparency and collaboration with the team ensure you are a complete part of the project.
  5. They have iOS app integration expertise for Blockchain, IoT, Health and Fitness Kit, Enterprise Systems, Marketing Automation, Analytics, Payments and more.

Their USP lies in helping businesses identify and hire a dedicated team that is customized to support their vision. They completely assess the developers, strategists, and designers before building the team.

The Extensive Portfolio

  1. Handy Ease: This is an Uber clone for finding handymen in your vicinity. It was designed to meet the user’s requirements and help them address their pain points.
  2. Parking Pulse: They built an app that could help users book and rent a parking space at their will. It also helped them find the spaces in advance.

#2 Expert App Devs

With over 12+ years of experience and 90% repeat business, the iOS app development company from India that provides dedicated resources in the USA, UK and UAE, breathes innovation and versatility. They have been delivering high-quality applications while prioritizing the client’s requirements.

Their development team can accommodate your extravagant needs and customize the applications. At the same time, they are known to stay within the defined budget and quality assurance.

Their biggest USP is they can deliver revenue-generating and high-converting iPhone applications aligned to your business goals. They power the applications with suitable technology and architecture to enhance experiences.

  1. They always adhere to the security protocols when building mobile applications. Using A/B testing and defined methodologies, they launch bug-free and highly secure solutions with long-term maintenance and support.
  2. UX-first is their design motto. They would underline the user experience and their habits before processing the system and interface design.
  3. The team has access to and proficiency with the latest technologies and frameworks. So, you get stable and reliable applications equipped with current trends.
  4. On or before-time deliveries are crucial for maintaining the business reputation. The company assures both aspects to its clientele.
  5. The starting prices of providing dedicated iOS developers are 22 USD hourly and 2500 USD monthly.

The Extensive Portfolio

  1. Golf Coach and Student App: An idea that flourished during the Pandemic after the client had to stop coaching owing to lockdown. This led to building an application that offered self-paced and interactive golf coaching solutions.
  2. IoT Museum Guide: The app was built to enhance users’ museum visits. Earlier the users had to appoint a guide or browse through the writings. However, this application will make their museum visits interactive and experiential.

#3 Hyperlink Infosystem

This is one of the top-notch mobile app development companies based out of India. They provide innovative and aesthetic iPhone app solutions that suit your needs and purpose. From game app development to Blockchain solutions, they have expertise in every cutting-edge technology.

With 11 years of experience backing the team and 4500 mobile apps to their credit, they have indeed earned their place at the top. They have identified the most suited methodologies and processes that help them build capable solutions.

  1. They offer a dedicated team of experts who can provide relevant and extensive mobile app solutions.
  2. Their excellent support system is one of the key reasons why most businesses love to associate with them.
  3. They protect your data and your assets with all their heart and soul. They have identified methods to ensure zero risks and no vulnerabilities.
  4. The tech team will offer valuable suggestions and insights during the planning and discovery phase. This increases the development opportunities and tightens the work scope.
  5. The Agency provides skilled programmers at $ 23/Hour and $ 2890/Month.

The Extensive Portfolio

  1. Art of Living Meditation App: They built the meditation app for Art of Living to allow users to meditate in the peace of their homes. This assisted app offers guided meditation and interaction with instructors.
  2. Tata Power Skill Development Institute: They built the iOS app to provide young minds with employable skills. They offer both training and certification that increase their chances of gaining employment.

#4 OpenXcell

They deliver custom mobile app solutions using cutting-edge technologies and the latest tools. They leverage new business opportunities and the latest trends to deliver capable app solutions. If you want premium and high-end solutions, you must collaborate with OpenXcell.

Their team comprises certified app developers who can visualize your idea and build to deliver the quality needs. The apps delivered by the brand are scalable and secure. With over 14+ years of experience backing the team, they are experts in creating comprehensive and experiential applications.

The biggest strength of this iOS app development company in India is a team that is capable and possesses the requisite understanding of emerging technologies.

  1. They have extensive service bouquets for you to choose from.
  2. They have employed the best brains to build the iPhone application for your business.
  3. They have extensive experience in various industries. Over the years, they have built a strong portfolio worthy of showing off.
  4. You can hire experts in specific domains or generalists who can dive deeper.
  5. The resources (experts) are thoroughly vetted using the best practices for your project with rates starting from $18/hour on an hourly basis, $2399/month on a monthly basis, and $18999/year.

The Extensive Portfolio

  1. B2B Commerce App: ClickMall, a Saudi Arabia-based software company, wanted to create a mobile app to streamline shopping experiences. They used the software to revolutionize the delivery services.
  2. Smart Cutting Board: The smart board BLOK allows users to learn and interact with virtual cooking classes. It helps customers interact and learn the methods to prepare delicious meals.

#5 ManekTech

This is a renowned custom web and mobile app development company. They are known for being strategic, agile, and inventive with their clients. Their USP is delivering solutions on time, within the budget and at par with the defined benchmarks.

Moreover, they also extend solutions that offer financial benefits to the users. This is the biggest reason to appoint Manektech as your app development partner.

They offer 100% customizable and reliable app development solutions for iOS platforms.

  1. They ensure that the iPhone application carries UI components that extend the look and feel of the platform. This will reduce friction.
  2. Every app they deliver is layered with security. As a result, your apps are tough nuts to crack. No hacker can ever break into it and threaten your business with ManekTech helming the project.
  3. Whether you want to extend a feature or add a new feature, their developer will make the process seamless.
  4. They make sure to offer a dedicated team of experts for your app development needs. Each member is chosen wisely, keeping in mind your business requirements.
  5. The Software development firm provides remote developers at $22/Hr*.

The Extensive Portfolio

  1. Clinic Appointment Mobile Application: This Flutter-based application was built for iOS devices. It helps users book appointments to meet doctors. It lists all the clinics and hospitals in the vicinity
  2. Professional Insurance App: They delivered a software solution for a leading insurance company. They offered third-party integration and added unique functionality to boost the business.
hire dedicated ios app developers


Choosing a good ally can ensure successful iPhone app development services. However, you must focus on all the top factors that make a good partner. This includes expertise and their portfolio.

A good word goes a long way, and that is true for your app developer too. Make sure you have read some good words about them before choosing them.

Best Remote Team is one of the top contenders for iPhone app development companies from India. They have earned the spot with their ability to provide dedicated resources. Using pre-assessed vetting processes, they can help hire the right talent for your needs.

If you want to support building innovative iPhone solutions, you must collaborate with Best Remote Team. Their team has the right resources up their sleeve and provides the best infrastructure to boost app efficiency. You can connect with their team via email or by filling out the Contact Us form.


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