Do you want to take your store to the next level? Shopify is the answer you are looking for to build a robust online presence. From managing your product catalog to helping you with improving search engine rankings, Shopify can help with everything.

So, why not shift to Shopify today? That’s the catch! You need to hire Shopify developer in India to migrate your store or create a new store with Shopify. Why? These experts understand the platform from the get-go. They know how to translate your vision into a beautiful website.

They have a complete understanding of the brilliance of the product and can ensure seamless development and deployment. They specialize in store setup, customizations and regular support.

However, finding the right Shopify expert is key to setting up and growing your store online. The biggest question is how much it costs to find a good partner for Shopify development. We have answered your question here. This article will look at the cost of hiring a Shopify development partner. You will also learn the secret sauce to finding your partner.

Why You Need to Hire a Shopify Expert?

Here are all the reasons to choose a Shopify expert:

  1. Let’s start with expertise. They have an exceptional understanding of features and functionalities. This can help them plan a defined store with the best practices. You can also use their expertise to optimize and setup the store perfectly.
  2. They can customize the store to meet your branding and unique requirements. they can integrate the third-party apps and include customized themes to improve the store’s ability.
  3. If you sit to develop the store from scratch, it can take up a lot of your time and effort. You can save a lot by hiring an expert in this case. They can juggle between the technical and marketing tasks.
  4. You can enhance the performance of your store and improve the speed by hiring an expert. You can ensure the best-optimized results that maximise the store’s potential and increase sales.

Pricing Models- The Perfect Fit for You

Your decision to hire an expert depends on the cost to the company. When you plan to hire remote Shopify developers, you must look at the pricing models. There are pros and cons associated with each model.

This section will look at the pricing models for hiring a Shopify expert and help find the right one for you.

#1) Hourly Rates- Pay for the Committed Hours

In this model, you will pay the developers for the total hours of service they offer. This is the best fit for freelance developers and consulting services. You can hire Shopify experts for the particular job you need to outsource.

This model can help you save a bit on the costs. However, on the flip side, you must find a reliable partner if you need things delivered on time.

Here’s a comparative overview of Shopify app developers’ costs in different countries:

Country Hourly Rate Range
United States $100 – $150*
Canada $80 – $120*
United Kingdom £60 – £100*
Australia AUD 100 – $150*
India 1000 Rs. – 1500 Rs.*
Ukraine $30 – $50*


#1) Increased Flexibility

Hourly rates model offers great flexibility. You, along with the Shopify expert, can connect for the dedicated hours. This means you don’t need to hire them as a full-time employee and shift your budget accordingly.

They can work on other projects simultaneously while ensuring your project is done on time. The payments and schedules are equally flexible, making it advantageous for both of you.

#2) Extends Transparency

In the hourly rates model, you are fully aware of how the money you have allocated is being spent on the project. You can keep track of the actual hours the developer has worked on your project.

At the same time, you can also monitor if the developer has worked those hours. This would save you from spending a lot of money on the job.

#3) Promotes Scalability

It is easier to scale the project or the resources in this model. If you want to get some additional work done using this model, you can fit it into the scope. At the same time, if you want to add more people, it is easier with the hourly model.

You don’t need to renegotiate the project or go through a detailed process to increase the scope in this case.

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#1) Cost Uncertainty

You can never be too sure of how much you will pay for the project till it is over. Project estimates can fail miserably in this case. You can never plan an upfront budget for the software development project you are planning.

#2) Overbilling

There is a good chance you might be overbilled for the particular project. This is a potential risk and disadvantage associated with this billing model. You might want to set the first step into the model by setting expectations and monitoring the progress regularly.

#2) Fixed Cost Projects: Pay the Defined Amount

This model involves defining the cost of the project beforehand. You can connect with the Shopify developer and set the price for the entire scope beforehand. This model also involves identifying the scope and building the estimates beforehand.


#1) Fosters Predictability

When you choose a fixed fee model, you can predict the overall cost of hiring the developer. It makes budgeting easier for you. You will know, from the project start, how much you are likely to spend.

In case, you have constraints, you can modify the scope accordingly to fit your estimates. This way, you would be drawing a fixed amount from your company to further the project.

#2) Clear Scope

The expectations from the project should be clear from the onset. You and your Shopify development partner should be on the same page with respect to the expectations and scope.

This would reduce the scope creep and ensure seamless development. This is one of the biggest advantages of the fixed-cost model.

#3) Mitigates Risks

There are no risks associated with budget overruns or unexpected costs. You have already defined the scope and the total cost of the project. As a result, it offers peace of mind to you and ensures there are no surprises during the project. It helps make informed financial decisions.


#1) Restricts Flexibility

Your project may lack the flexibility that comes with hourly models. You cannot add or remove from the scope. In case you wish to make additions, you must renegotiate the price. This can become troublesome.

#2) Misaligned Scope

There is a significant risk of not aligning the scope with your goals. While you will get to hire dedicated Shopify developer, the project may or may not be aligned with your specific objectives and needs.

Both pricing models have their pros and cons. However, you must choose the pricing model that fits your budget and other priorities. You must consider the transparency and flexibility needs for the project before choosing the pricing.

7 Key Factors Impacting the Cost of Hiring a Shopify Expert

It is crucial to hire a Shopify development company that offers the best solutions at competent rates. There are several factors that impact the estimates shared by the expert. You must consider these factors while planning the budget for the project.

7 key factors impacting the cost of hiring a shopify expert

#1 Experience of the Developer

The Shopify developer’s expertise and years of experience are pivotal in determining their rates. If they are experienced developers, they are likely to charge higher. A senior developer will charge more than a junior developer.

If they have more experience with successful projects, they would command more fees. If they are versatile and experts in particular domains, they would charge more.

#2 Project Complexity

The complexity of your Shopify project can also help determine the cost of the resources. If you want to develop an MVP or a basic solution, you can hire freelancers or even junior-level developers. This won’t cost you a lot.

However, if you plan to develop a full-fledged solution with advanced technologies, you need experts. This would add to the overall budget, and pull up the cost.

In the case of custom functionality and third-party integrations, you need to shell out even more money to propose the solution.

#3 Scope of the Project

This is a significant factor for estimating the cost of your project. If you are building a Shopify website from scratch with a lot of functionality, you may need a lot of resources. You might need to deep dive into the infrastructure as well. This can increase the scope of the project.

A huge scope can lead to more expenses, especially if you are building everything from scratch. However, if you aim to build on something that’s pre-built, you can narrow down the scope. This would naturally impact the overall project cost.

The scope of the project will decide the time and resources you need to spend on building it.

#4 Project Customizations

Customizations in the project can also add to the overall cost of the project. If you need extensive customizations, you must be ready to pay more. Extensive functionality means more resources, infrastructure and budget.

Additionally, if you are planning to customize the themes as well, it can also increase the cost. Custom development requires experts and in turn more money.

#5 Additional Services

The total Shopify development services needed can also help define the estimates for the project. For instance, if you are looking at coding alone, you are not expecting additional services.

However, if you want them to help with SEO optimization and marketing, you need to pay more to hire remote Shopify developers.

The charges will keep adding based on the services you seek from the development partner.

#6 Location of the Company

When you hire dedicated Shopify developer, their location is pivotal in defining the costs. If they live in a location where the cost of living is high, you can expect high-end charges.

If they live in locations with low cost of living, the charges are competent or affordable. The geographical locations along with the demand for the Shopify developers can add to the overall cost of the resources.

#7 Timelines and Urgency

The word urgency always captures a higher estimate. If you want the project much before the possible deadline, you need to allocate more resources. This will directly impact the cost of developing the solution.

You may also need the resources to work more than the hours committed to complete the project. You will need to pay for those extra hours, which can increase your budget.

Quick Overview of Project Complexity and Rates

Project Complexity Hourly Rates Fixed Cost
Basic Store $30 to $80. This would depend on the expertise of the agency/freelancer. $500 to $1500. This would include the theme installation, configuration and primary customizations.
Theme Customizations $40-$100. This depends on the Shopify expert and customizations needed. $500 to $2000. This depends on the extent of customizations needed.
App Integration $50 to $120. Depends on the integration complexity and developer type. $700to $3000. Depends on the number of integrations.
Custom Development $60 to $150. Depends on the complexity of the project. $1000 to $5000. Depends on the project scope and customization type.

How to Hire a Shopify Developer in India?

You are now well acquainted with the cost estimates for the Shopify developer. Let’s take a quick look at how you can hire a dedicated Shopify developer for your eCommerce project.

tips to hire shopify developer in india

#1. Define your Requirements

This is an obvious way to start hiring for the project. Without knowing what you want from the solution, you cannot start looking for experts.

Your requirements and scope can help you determine if you need freelancers or dedicated developers. The requirements will also help determine the technology experts you need to plan your eStore.

#2. Have a Budget

You cannot begin hiring process without having a clear budget in mind. You must know how much you are likely to spend on the particular project.

For instance, if you start with a budget, you would know how many developers you can hire. You can also know what type of functionality you can include in the project. These details are important to avoid overspending on the project.

#3. Research the Market

Starting looking around to find the best Shopify experts for your needs. You must begin by taking a look at the top agencies and companies in the know. Compare their rates by getting quotes and estimates from multiple avenues.

Compare the estimates and the quality they are offering. Take a look at the services they have added to the estimates before proceeding with the company or person.

#4. Consider Specialized Services

You must look for companies that specialize in areas beyond coding. This can help you get specializations such as app development and SEO optimization, along with Shopify development.

When you hire for more specializations, you get to save some money on development and marketing. You won’t need a full-fledged agency, which can help save costs.

#5. Study their Reviews and Portfolio

Knowing their reviews and ratings can give you a complete understanding of how customers view them. You should check their ratings and reviews to determine if they are positive.

Assessing their portfolio will give you a chance to see if they have the expertise you need. It can also help you get their success rate. You will know if they have a lot of satisfied clients.

#6. Choose the Model

You can go with a freelancer for your Shopify store or hire dedicated Shopify developers from India. Either way, you must understand the cost gains and their abilities before deciding. You must also consider factors like communication and skills before adopting a model.

#7. Clear Terms and Conditions

It is crucial to define the scope, terms of the project, milestones and payments before beginning the project. You must negotiate the terms in a way that is best suited for both parties.

You must also ensure there is limited chances of scope creep, as that can increase the complexities and budget.

#8. Start Small

You must consider working on the base project before building the large ecosystem. You can easily use the small scope to understand the developer’s style, communication and other capabilities.


As you plan to hire dedicated Shopify developer, you must choose between hourly rates and fixed prices. This will depend on the budget, specific project needs and your company preferences.

Hourly rates offer more flexibility and transparency, while fixed fee projects can help you predict the cost and ensure clarity. It is crucial you are clear with your scopes and budget while conducting the hiring.

You must also consider the factors like complexity, experience and location before defining the budget for the project. You must ensure you research well before hiring the Shopify developer.

If you would rather skip the last step, you can connect with Best Remote Team to help you hire Shopify development company. Our team’s expertise in vetting and sourcing the right agencies and freelancers can help you dive into the project with the right partner.


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