Whether sitting in a café with friends or in a meeting room, you will touch upon Blockchain at least once. Given its popularity, it has become a mandatory discussion. You might touch upon the different facets of this technology and share your views.

Blockchain has moved out of discussions and into the real world. Several industries have seriously adopted this new-age technology while others are contemplating its use.

The global spending for Blockchain reached $6.6 billion in 2021 (Statista). A lot of people believe it will reach $19 billion by 2024.

worldwide spending on blockchain solutions from 2017 to 2024

Let’s explain Blockchain in a simple way. It is a decentralized and distributed public ledger that records all transactions. It differs from a regular database. In this case, each data point is stored within a block and translates into a network.

There are several benefits of incorporating Blockchain technology in app development. It can help transform industries and ensure streamlined services.

  1. It enhances the overall security of the solution. You can capture and protect sensitive data without causing any changes.
  2. It extends transparency within the organization. As a result, you can view the data at any given time without any hassle.
  3. You can trace back to the changes made in the data. You will know who induced these changes and how
  4. It will help enhance the speed and efficiency of data movement, thus fostering good real-time solutions.

You need a strong and efficient framework to build a robust application. With the right framework, you can accelerate the complexities of developing, deploying, and scaling an application.

Angular and React are two popular choices for Blockchain app development. Owing to their robustness, developers prefer using them to create secure application. This guide will help you compare these frameworks and make the right choice for your app development needs.

Understanding React and Angular

The first step in this comparison process is to understand the two frameworks. You must understand the features that prove beneficial in developing a solution.

1 React

ReactJS is a JavaScript framework created by the Facebook team to help accelerate app development and launches. This open-source library comprises the tools and techniques to help application developers to streamline ReactJS development.

With fewer coding lines and cleanliness, you can deliver solutions that enhance the user’s interactions with the application. This framework works with reusable components that allow you to create one and use it everywhere. This saves a lot of time and boosts the developer’s productivity.

react usage statistics

This framework is designed to manage the view layer within an application and create its interactive components. There are several features that help the React framework create dynamic and responsive web app solutions.

The Key Features of React

key features of react

1. Virtual DOM

Most JavaScript frameworks will upload the entire Document-Object-Model, which can consume a lot of memory. As a result, the apps go slow.

React takes the performance-first approach. As a result, it uses the virtual DOM. In this case, the entire DOM is first uploaded to the virtual format. This is compared with the existing DOM for changes.

Once the changes are known, the virtual DOM will update the changes only in the existing DOM. This will consume less memory and inspire better performance.

2. JSX (JavaScript Syntax Extension)

In this case, you will embed the JavaScript objects into the HTML components. This code is easy to read and better to understand. It makes the whole coding simpler for the developers. However, the browsers cannot read the JSX code.

You can use specific compilers to convert the JSX to JavaScript and use it on the browsers. With this extension, you can create code faster, and the compiler allows browser support.

3. Unidirectional Data Binding

Data binding refers to the movement of the updates made to the data. It can flow from the parent to the child or both ways. In the case of React, when the parent component’s state is updated, it will impact all the child components.

However, the reverse isn’t true in this case. This ensures that the entire application works fast and the results are excellent.

4. Simple Framework

As it uses a component-based approach, you will create separate components to describe the various features. It makes the whole development process simple and efficient. It also ensures that the learning curve is low and the development fast.

You can cause reusability of components owing to the ease of sharing or creating the components.

The Pros and Cons of React Framework

Pros Cons
It follows a low learning curve, thus attracting beginners and developers with JavaScript knowledge. The documentation is not up to the mark for React, which makes development difficult.
You can easily create JavaScript web applications as coding is simple and efficient. It only caters to the view part of app development. You cannot handle or develop the remaining parts.
Reusable components allow developers to create applications faster and launch them into the market. JSX can become a barrier to development.
As the framework supports virtual DOM, you will notice that it enhances performance.
It includes in-built SEO features that allow you to improve app discoverability.

2. Angular

Angular is an open-source framework developed using TypeScript programming language. It comprises JavaScript libraries and is best suited for developing single-page applications. It is mainly described as a component-based architecture that allows you to build flexible and scalable solutions.

angular usage statistics

Components are the building blocks for Angular applications. You can use HTML to build the templates. You can then use the syntax to create the precise components needed for application development.

The top features of Angular are what sets the framework apart. It extends solutions that help build scalable and flexible applications.

The Key Features of Angular

key features of angular

1. TypeScript Programming Language

This is one of the biggest features of Angular. With the Angular framework, you can use TypeScript and define the types for JavaScript. As a result, the entire code is recreated in JS format, which is readable and easy to decode.

Also, when you compile your code using JavaScript, you can ensure it will run on any browser or platform. Make sure to use the syntactic structure for better code development.

2. DOM Data Structure

It is the way you can present objects within the web application. You can determine the structure and content for each component in the document over the web.

With real DOM, you can present a document as nodes and objects. This way, you can improve the interface’s interactions between the layers or objects.

In this case, the HTML document is represented as a tree structure. As a result, instead of updating the already updated tags, it will update the entire tree of updates.

3. Data Binding

Data binding helps enhance the elements of the web browser. You can deliver interactive elements without causing friction. This is done without complex scripting or complicated coding.

You can even use this feature to enable incremental display when loading the web page. This would help enhance the user experience when dealing with extensive data.

In the case of Angular, you gain two-way data binding. This ensures that the changes made to the model are reflected in the UI and vice versa. As a result, you can make the change once and ensure it is applicable everywhere.

4. Dependency Injection

Using this feature, you can enhance the reusability of the components and accelerate app development. This dependency injection allows you to create modular services you wish to use in the application. Once you have created it, you can reuse it wherever needed through the app.

Pros and Cons of Angular Framework

Pros Cons
The framework extends a dynamic experience by allowing the server to load the pages without a new request. It comes with a limited SEO function. As a result, you are expected to determine ways to boost visibility.
It is a cross-platform framework that allows you to create solutions for mobile, web, and other platforms. It has a steep learning curve, which makes it slightly difficult for beginners to adopt the framework.
You can optimize templates into code explicitly developed for JavaScript machines. It is the best fit for complex systems as the code is slightly verbose and a little complex.
It offers automatic code splitting, allowing users to render specific parts of the code. There is a limited talent pool for Angular compared to the other programming frameworks.
With all the requisite tools and in-built libraries, it helps developers develop and deploy their apps faster.

We have seen the frameworks individually and know how each works. Now, when it comes to building Blockchain apps, there are certain factors that you must include. We have curated a list of all these factors that will help you select the framework.

Factors that Help Select the Apt Framework for Blockchain Development

Check out the at-a-glance comparison between React and Angular for Blockchain development.

most important factors in selecting an appropriate blockchain framework

We will look at the top factors enabling developers to build Blockchain solutions with these frameworks.

#1 Accelerated Development

Angular: It uses reusable components that can be added through the application. It helps improve the developer’s productivity, thus accelerating app launches.

React: React focuses on the View layer only, so it can help developers create the solutions faster. It ensures better productivity as the single UI element can be reused.

Winner: Regarding developer efficiency and development speed, both Angular and React offer similar verdicts. You will notice that your developers can carve out incredible solutions using both.

#2 Community and Ecosystem Support

Angular: Angular has 86.7 stars on GitHub, and only 20% of the developers prefer using the framework. Despite being backed by Google and having a good community, it doesn’t get the support it deserves.

React: Backed by Facebook and the community, it relies on the engineers to offer the necessary updates. It has 203k stars on GitHub. 42% of developers love this framework.

Winner: React has a good community and developer support, making it an incredible application development framework. Your community or developer team will arrive whenever you need their help.

#3 Scalability

Angular: It is a slightly more rigid framework than others. As a result, it extends scalability rigidly

React: It is a highly flexible framework. It is designed to scale and build applications for the future.

Winner: When creating applications, you must ensure they are ready for the future too. This is especially true for Blockchain, which will grow as your business grows. React is a more flexible and scalable framework for your needs.

#4 Performance

Angular: It uses the DOM majorly to update the application, which can slow down the application. Moreover, it takes more time to render each component. As it is majorly used for server-side rendering, this can impact the app’s performance immensely.

React: It uses a Virtual DOM, making it swifter than most frameworks. It uses a fast rendering rate per frame. Additionally, it uses swift methods to update.

Winner: This is an important factor for Blockchain applications. The winner is React, as it can load the components faster and maintain better performance.

#5 Security

Angular: Coding practices like Ahead of Time, and complete documentation ensure you don’t face vulnerability issues. It can help mitigate risks arising from templating express injection or cross-site scripting issues.

This framework is prone to vulnerabilities including broken access, dependency issues, and others. This results in an insecure application.

When you plan to develop a Blockchain application, you need to ensure complete security. Angular is a better framework when it comes to securing applications and reducing risks.

#6 Availability of Resources

Angular: There are fewer people in the talent pool. Though Angular is a mature framework, the learning curve keeps people away from the framework.

React: You should hire dedicated developers for React development. They would also have the requisite Blockchain development experience.

Winner: Finding people to help with Blockchain app development for React framework is easier.

#7 Testing

Angular: You can easily achieve 100% of your testing goals with a single tool. There are multiple tests and features that make code testing superior with this framework.

React: You need numerous tools to release a well-tested application at the end of the day. You also need a series of tests performed on the application before it is rendered capable of launch.

Winner: Angular can help you release high-quality and stable code with a single testing tool. You are likely to render an error-free code.

#8 Learning Curve

Angular: Angular is slightly tough as it is built on TypeScript language. This language is more convoluted than others. As a result, it has a steep learning curve.

React: React is based on the JavaScript framework. As a result, you can use it if you have a basic JavaScript understanding.

Winner: React is a better framework for beginners or startups. It comes with a low learning curve, allowing you to start.

#9 Dependency Injection

Angular: It permits dependency injection. As a result, there is a separate lifecycle for different types of applications and code.

React: It doesn’t enable the dependency injection. Each code in the application has a defined global state.

Winner: Angular permits dependency injection, which allows reusability and offers excellent testing abilities. You are less dependent on the boilerplate code. Eventually, you will be able to release quality code. That’s why Angular is better for Blockchain apps.

#10 Popularity of Framework

Angular: Though Angular is mature and has been there for a long while, it enjoys slightly lower popularity. There are only 86k stars on GitHub, which shows low popularity.

React: Developers love this framework. It is the most popular whether you look at the GitHub stars (103K). Even the developer survey (42% approximately voted for this framework) indicates it is popular.

React: When it is popular among the developers, you will likely get more support. As a result, it works best for blockchain applications. You will get immediate support whenever needed.

Summary: Selecting the Framework

Google backs angular and provides a highly interactive and reliable code. You can develop clean, well-tested, and maintained solutions with this framework.

Developers use it majorly to deliver high-end and large-scale complex applications. It is the best fit for enterprise-grade Blockchain applications.

hire blockchain applications developers

If you want to customize your Blockchain app or reduce the complexities without hampering the experience, you must use Angular.

React is a UI development framework allowing you to design capable and interactive UI elements. It offers high performance, is accessible, and is easy to scale. You can get started with your Blockchain app development faster when on React.

It is majorly used to build a customized Blockchain application. You can also use it to create applications with several events and multiple shareable elements.


When you are developing a large-scale application, you must go with Angular. The mature framework with code maintainability best practices can extend the right goals. However, you can go with React if you plan to create an application to check the market’s feedback.

Best Remote Team can support you in your Angular vs. React goals. You can choose either framework for Blockchain development, and we will support you with the resources. Hire Angular developers from our vetted resources for successful projects. You can connect with our team to build a scalable and reliable team for Blockchain app development.


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