A quick question- what makes Amazon one of the most successful brands? A relatively easy answer would be their ability to incorporate the latest technologies. When the world revolved around AI, they used recommendations to boost customer experiences.

They decided to implement AR and VR to enhance the app’s usability. They created the application Room Decorator that allowed them to check if a particular product would look good.

Most successful companies have started adopting Virtual Reality to foster the comfort and convenience extended to the customers. The numbers also indicate a rise in the VR market size. The market size is estimated to reach $22 billion by 2025 (Statista).

To foster real VR experiences, you must invest in the right headset. A total of 9.11 million headsets were shipped in 2022 for both AR and VR (Statista).

arvr headset shipments worldwide 2020-2023

Apple and Meta have been at loggerheads since the release of their headsets that support Mixed Reality technology. Apple’s Vision Pro and Meta’s Quest are popular and highly functional headsets that will act as game changers.

Virtual Reality: An Overview

It is a 3D simulation environment that is a near copy of the real-world environment. You can easily interact and move through this 3-dimensional environment, almost as if it were real.

For instance, say you want to see what a forest looks like. The creators will make 3D models of the place. You can access it via the headset. With the noise effects, touch, and feel solutions, you would feel like you are in the forest.

an overview of virtual reality

This technology has immense potential and can also be used in the education and retail industries. The user will need to wear a headset to access the virtual world.

We have listed a few use cases of VR technology for your reference.

  1. Diagnosis is an important aspect of healthcare services. It is essential to diagnose and identify the disease or issue accurately. With VR headsets, you can create a simulation and enter the organ or body part to diagnose the problem.
  2. Giving a 3D tour of a particular space or rental property is easier with VR headsets. You can give them a virtual tour and make the experience completely immersive.
  3. VR can also be used for product demos. When you are a furniture store, adding VR can help the users. The technology will help them know how the particular piece would look in their house.

VR can add a lot of value to your business. It can foster your growth and enable you to create a strong customer base.

You must invest in a good VR headset to create immersive experiences and enjoy VR solutions. It can help offer realistic simulations. The best VR headsets can be cost-effective in the long run, as they offer great displays with minimal maintenance.

We will be discussing the top two headsets of the hour in detail. This discussion will help realize what you should buy.

A Quick Comparison of Apple Vision Pro Vs Meta Quest

Here’s an at-a-glance comparison of the two headsets for your reference.

quick comparison of apple vision pro vs meta quest

What is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple has not yet released its first VR headset for consumers, the Vision Pro, which is scheduled to be available for purchase in the US by early 2024. However, a report by Hindustantimes suggests that the company’s product (second-generation Vision Pro) was announced almost six months ago, but the company has yet to launch it. Now, as per a new report, Finally, Apple announced that its Vision Pro headset will be released in the United States on February 2 and From mid-January, US customers were given the option to pre-order a mixed-reality device priced at $3,499 (£2,749). However, there is no information regarding the release date in the UK.

It is being called a spatial computer by the company. The technology will integrate digital media into the real world via physical inputs. These inputs would include hand control, eye tracking, and voice.

The one remarkable point of this headset is that it is not see-through. As it is a Mixed Reality headset, you will notice the Augmented reality components laid in the real world. The immersive portion is created by the simulated virtual environment.

Apple devices will use cameras to create the AR visuals for your application. To enhance the immersive interactions, Apple will switch off the cameras.

The Key Features

  1. There are audio straps with built-in speakers that deliver spatial audio. This audio will blend with the sounds you hear in the real world.
  2. It includes the micro-OLED that helps deliver 4K resolutions to enhance the experiences.
  3. There are several cameras and sensors that help map the entire world and improve the connections.
  4. The content will be displayed in the space around you. This makes arranging the windows easier and ensures the open apps are visible.

What is Meta Quest?

Meta Quest is one of the popular headsets created by Meta Platforms. It is a standalone device that you can use to play games and access software solutions. You can use this headset to improve the positional tracking.

You can use these cameras via the feature known as Passthrough. This allows you to create the boundary area for your Virtual Reality solutions.

It extends excellent graphical fidelity, which can improve the immersive experiences. This is one of the best headsets on the market. The more recent version is an upgrade from the earlier Quest versions.

The Quest 2 platform is a lightweight headset with touch controls.

The Key Features

  • You can use the touch controllers that are ultra-responsive
  • They are adjustable bands that allow you to improve the balance while using the set
  • Perfect spacing is available that allows you to improve the visual experience
  • It offers high-resolution mixed-reality spaces that allow you to improve the virtual simulation
  • You can use voice, touch, and gestures to enhance your control opportunities

Headset Comparison: Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest

We have seen the two individually and understood how it improves the 3D immersive experiences. We will compare these two headsets and understand which works better for you.

1. Design

Overview: The cameras, sensors, and controllers play a pivotal role in expressing the design aesthetics of the headset.

Apple Vision Pro: This headset doesn’t require any controllers for navigation. You can move through the screen using your eyes, touch, and gestures. The micro OLED displays will improve the visibility of the objects in the VR space. The battery is external and attached to the headset.

Meta Quest: Apart from eye tracking and gesture controls, this headset has the requisite ergonomic controls. This offers an LCD design; however, you may not get the glass front. The battery is in-built.

The Better One: Apple Vision Pro has better design dynamics. It is compact, lightweight, and easy on the eyes.

2. Specifications

Overview: This will include all the details, including the processor type, RAM and Storage. This can help you select the appropriate headset for your needs.

Apple Vision Pro: The Apple M2 processor powers the Vision Pro. They have used the R1 chip for the cameras and sensors. It comes with 64GB storage and 16GB RAM. The display is Micro-OLED.

Meta Quest: It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chip. This ensures that the headset extends an excellent performance. You get 128GB storage and 12GB RAM. It uses an LCD

The Better One: Regarding performance, the Meta Quest 2 is better than the Apple Vision Pro. The displays are better for Apple Vision Pro.

3. Price

Overview: The overall price of purchasing the headset will decide how much you will have to invest in the VR project

Apple Vision Pro: This is priced at $3499 and is considered to be one of the most expensive headsets

Meta Quest: The headset is priced at $499 and is one of the top-performing headset at such a good price

The Better One: If you compare the two headsets for the price they offer, Meta Quest takes over. It is one of the best headsets priced at the lowest range.

4. Support

Overview: The headset must support different programming languages, operating systems, and applications.

Apple Vision Pro: Apple Vision Pro is based on the VisionOS operating system. It extends support for macOS and iOS.

Meta Quest: The Meta Quest headset was developed using the custom Android operating system. It can easily support all frameworks and gaming applications. It has better support.

The Better One: Meta Quest is better as it can support multiple gaming applications and operating systems and offer extensive usability.

5. Performance

Overview: The speed and agility of the headset will help improve the immersive experience. It will help improve the usability of the application.

Apple Vision Pro: Apple Vision Pro is powered by the Apple M2 chip. The R2 chips are used to power the cameras and sensors. This is a full laptop processor.

Meta Quest: It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, known for its best performance.

The Better One: Meta Quest is known for superior performance as it offers plugged-in battery life and a good processor.

6. Battery Life

Overview: The total time the battery will be available for the user to use the headset.

Apple Vision Pro: The battery is available in a separate pack. It offers a 2-hour battery life.

Meta Quest: Meta Quest comes with an in-built battery. It assures a 2-hour battery life.

The Better One: They both offer the same battery life. However, in the case of Apple, they assure you that the battery will be available even if you don’t use it.

7. Displays / Visual Quality

Overview: The displays play a pivotal role in improving the reality environment’s visuals.

Apple Vision Pro: It offers a 4K OLED display. It comes with a glass touch. This ensures the best visual experience for the users.

Meta Quest: It offers an LCD with a resolution of 1832×1920. It doesn’t come with a glass touch.

The Better One: Apple Vision Pro is a natural winner here as it offers a real immersive experience.

8. Audio Experience

Overview: The immersive experience comprises real-world sounds as well. How these sounds are controlled will determine the extensive user experience.

Apple Vision Pro: The headset comes with in-built audio that allows you to experience the sounds from the real world

Meta Quest: The real-world simulation is immersive owing to the in-built audio

The Better One: both headsets are equally good in audio experience as they offer in-built sound systems.

9. User Interface and Controls

Overview: The interface and controls determine how you can control the application. It will also help control the movements of the elements in the virtual environment.

Apple Vision Pro: It doesn’t come with extra controllers. You can control the movements via eye tracking and gesture movements.

Meta Quest: It comes with an external controller. Apart from this, you can use other movements, including gestures and voice, to assist in the movement.

The Better One: Apple Vision Pro offers more controls with their gestures and movements. This makes it easier to control the simulated environment.

Apple Vision Pro Vs. Meta Quest 3: What to Choose and When?

Apple Vision Pro offers some of the best features and functionality. Whether it is the display or the visuals, you will find that this headset is the best for the users.

Regarding performance, Meta Quest seems to be giving tough competition to Apple’s Vision Pro.

hire vr developers

However, the price puts the Vision Pro in the back. Not many people who are regular VR users may be willing to spend a lot. There is a great difference in the pricing. However, if you use the headset regularly, investing in something low-maintenance and efficient may be a good idea.


The battle is real. Since Apple announced the launch of Vision Pro, there has been a lot of discussion about the two best headsets. We have attempted to clear the air and help you choose the right headset for your project.

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