The choice between Unity and Unreal Engine is crucial for indie game developers. Unity excels in accessibility, offering a user-friendly environment for beginners. Unreal Engine has great graphics but is harder to learn compared to other options.

Game development is an emerging field to dive into. Powerful game engines are now available at the least expense, helping indie game developers and game studios. It helps them to design immersive worlds that can attract more players. The players that take over the entire gaming industry are Unity and Unreal engines. No matter what your favourite Game be it Fortnite or Gears of War, the majority of these titles have begun on these game engines.

Beginners and experienced Unity developers find themselves in a tough spot choosing among one of these. Even after brainstorming, they find it a harsh choice. When they embark on their journey of developing games, they dream of it necessary to get the one that best fits their needs. But don’t worry; we are here for you to put Unity and Unreal Engine to the test to help you choose the platform. Prepare yourself to witness the race among both platforms and develop epic games to amaze users. Which one will come out on top? Continue reading to discover the answer.

Global Overview of Game Engine Market

➡️ The game engine market is expected to grow as more people access faster internet and IoT technology.

➡️ As per the report, game engine market size was valued at USD 2,390.9 million in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.4% from 2023 to 2030.

➡️ E-sports have rapidly expanded into a global industry, attracting millions of players and fans.

➡️ Amazon Lumberyard, Game Maker Studio, CryEngine, Unity, PhyreEngine, and Unreal Engine are the most popular game engines all over the world.

What is Unity Game Engine?

Unity, an engine made by Unity Technologies, was brought into the market at Apple’s 2005 World Developer Conference (WDC). Unity is a cross-platform technology that supports about 25 gaming platforms. It also includes operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux, consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, etc. You can also pair it up with several virtual reality (VR) platforms.

These platforms include PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift, to name a few. A group of users have started using the Unity game engine, and it helps in experiencing 2D, 3D, and VR games. Various industries, even outside of gaming, like film animation and effects, architecture, engineering, and construction.

Top 5 Key Features of Unity Game Engine

top key features of unity game engine

1. Cross-platform

Unity game engine extends support to multiple platforms, such as PC, consoles, mobile devices and VR headsets. You can use a single codebase across these devices for seamless usage.

2. Rich Asset Store

You will find diverse assets pre-built into the game engine’s store. You can use from the in-built 3D models, textures, scripts and animations. You can save time while creating projects with these pre-built models.

3. High-performance

You can use the engine’s rendering and optimization tools to create high-performance gameplay. The in-built tools can help you use the resources efficiently across platforms and devices.

4. Extensible and Open

You can use the defined architecture to create custom tools and plugins that extend the game’s functionality. You can even tailor the engine to meet unique requirements.

5. Robust Toolset

There is an all-inclusive suite of tools that help with design, prototyping and deployment. The toolset includes the visual editor, animation tools and physics engine.

Pros and Cons of Unity Game Engine

Pros Cons
Unity supports cross-platform development using a single codebase across devices for a wider reach. It may not support complex projects, where performance is a critical part of game development.
The rich asset store helps you build the game applications faster. This can save you time and effort. It has a steep learning curve, which means you need to invest significantly in learning and mastering the engine.
Unity engine offers a high-performing rendering and efficient resource allocation across platforms. The basic version is free. However, when you want to develop a game, you need an advanced version. This may turn out costly.
The flexible architecture allows you to create custom tools and plugins to extend app’s functionality. You may need to identify and resolve bugs across individual platforms

Popular Games Made with Unity Game Engine

  1. Pokémon GO: This augmented reality phenomenon took the world by storm, allowing players to catch virtual Pokémon in the real world.
  2. Cuphead: This run-and-gun game boasts a unique and stunning art style inspired by 1930s cartoons.
  3. Hollow Knight: This Metroidvania title is beloved for its challenging gameplay, charming art style, and rich world-building.
  4. Among Us: Innersloth’s multiplayer social deduction game gained massive popularity for its simple yet addictive gameplay, where players work together to complete tasks while trying to identify impostors.
  5. Super Mario Run: Nintendo’s foray into mobile gaming with this auto-runner game features iconic characters and classic gameplay elements from the beloved Mario franchise.

What is Unreal Game Engine?

Tim Seveeny (founder of Epic Games) is the man behind releasing the very first generation of Unreal Engine in 1998. It was a first-person shooter (FPS) game. This Engine is popular due to its portability and support across different platforms. It works across operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux PCs, gaming consoles, and iOS and Android mobiles.

Since its inception, Unreal has proven to be a popular choice for developing high-definition graphics and next-generation physics effects. Hence, this results in a great reputation as per the industry standard while securing various awards. Therefore, it is no surprise that aspiring developers tend to choose Unreal when they are in quest of a game engine.

Top 5 Key Features of Unreal Game Engine

top key features of unreal game engine

1. High-fidelity Graphics

With Unreal engine, you get exceptional rendering capabilities that help deliver stunning visuals. It is suitable for detailed environments and can be used in AAA games or simulations.

2. Blueprint Visual Scripting

Using this feature, the developers can build a game logic without coding. This makes prototype development and implementing gameplay elements accessible.

3. Cross-platform Support

The engine extends support to multiple platforms and devices, ensuring efficient and seamless gameplay.

4. Robust Toolset

Unreal engine can offer comprehensive tools that can be used to design, animate and add physics elements to your game. It ensures a powerful material editor as well

5. Diverse Marketplace

There are numerous assets available, from plugins to tools, to extend the app’s functionality.

Pros and Cons of Unreal Game Engine

Pros Cons
Unreal engine offers stunning and photorealistic graphics and advanced rendering capabilities to offer high-end games. The engine is complex, which might prove to be difficult for beginners to learn and master.
The blueprint for visual scripting allows you to create the gameplay logic without coding. You may need advanced resources and extra tools to create a more performance extensive game.
Offers excellent cross-platform support to extend the reach and visibility of the games. If you have developed applications with large file sizes, you may find it cumbersome to manage or distribute.
It offers a robust toolset for animation and physics to enhance the gameplay. The licensing costs may surpass the revenue threshold for your application.

Popular Games Made with Unreal Game Engine

  1. Fortnite: This massive online battle royale game is a cultural phenomenon, and it’s all powered by Unreal Engine.
  2. Batman Arkham Knight: The final entry in the Arkham trilogy is known for its dark and gritty atmosphere, which is brought to life thanks to Unreal Engine.
  3. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: This single-player action-adventure game puts you in the shoes of a Jedi Padawan, and it uses Unreal Engine to create stunning visuals of iconic Star Wars locations.
  4. Street Fighter V: This iconic fighting game from Capcom uses the Unreal Engine to deliver smooth animations and detailed character models, enhancing the overall experience for players.
  5. Borderlands 3: This loot-driven shooter is known for its cel-shaded art style, which is a unique twist on the power of Unreal Engine.

Unity vs Unreal: An In-Depth Engine Comparison

#1) Versatility

If you are a game developer, you might want to try experimenting. You want to try different kinds of games like 3D, 2D games, multiplayer, VR, AR, etc. Hence, having an engine that can serve different gaming experiences, right? Although both of these engines, Unity and Unreal, do that, let’s compare engines based on the type of games:

  • 3D: There is no doubt that both of these engines have great 3D capabilities. But Unreal wins the point due to superior graphical fidelity.
  • 2D: Both engines provide great 2D, but Unity has a better focus and toolset.
  • Virtual Reality: Unity is a powerful option as it has versatile plugins and integrates into the entire XR infrastructure.
  • Augmented Reality: Both engines facilitate AR. But Unity has been into this for a longer time and possesses more defined systems.
  • Multiplayer: Unity and Unreal are both capable of providing multiplayer facilities. But Unreal is the only one that has integrated support. Unity’s integrated multiplayer is in development, although it has many 3rd-party frameworks.
  • Mobile: When it comes to mobile, Unity is the best Engine.

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#2) Coding

One of the most necessary factors when you start developing a game engine is the programming language of coding. When using Unity, you write code using C# language, and for Unreal, it is C++. Moreover, C++ is thought to be a difficult language to learn. Instead, Unreal possesses its integrated visual scripter called Blueprints. It is a great alternative to coding as it helps you do the same thing without coding.

All a developer has to do is create nodes and connect them to develop the logic of the Game. Although both engines have visual scripting. The Blueprints of Unreal has existed for a very long time and is more established. The more recent version of Unity Bas added visual scripting. But the standard way of scripting is the same as C# programming.

#3) Presence in the Industry:

The choice of Engine for you might depend on what your professionals currently use. Both of these engines, Unity and Unreal, are employed to develop games. But they work in different manners. At first, Unity was a popular engine choice for independent developers and mobile games. There is a huge list of games that are developed with Unity technologies.

It includes Skylines, Rust, Ori, the Blind Forest, and most mobile games. But when it comes to the industry, Unreal is a popular choice rather than Unity—games like Jedi Fallen Order and more use this Engine. Another thing to think about is how these engine developers employ it. Developers of Unity do not create games with it but rather just some small educational ones.

On the other hand, Epic Games tends to develop many large games like Fortnite using Unreal.

#4) Community

The most important aspect while selecting a game engine is community. Both of these engines have a huge presence online in their forums, Sub-Reddits, YouTube channels and more.

  • Unity – It has a game developer convention on a yearly basis called Unite. Game development YouTubers tend to teach Unity.
  • Unreal -Epic games have more.
  • Unreal – Epic Games has more of a presence online with live tutorials.

Both of these engines possess their stores. An asset store is known to be a marketplace for 3D models, textures, systems, etc., for an engine, which you can get for free or at a price. It could be a good choice for dedicated developers who might have less knowledge in a particular field.

  • Unity Asset Store.
  • Unreal Marketplace.

comparison between unity and unreal game engine infographic

Case Studies: Indie Games that Chose Unity or Unreal

In-depth Analysis of Indie Games that Succeeded with Unity

Unity, as mentioned earlier, is one of the most popular game development engines. It has been the top choice among hire unity developers due to its versatile nature, ease of usage and robust capabilities. Below are three indie games that used Unity as their platform for development and achieved success:

#1) Hollow Knight” by Team Cherry:

Platform: It was at first released for Windows, macOS, and Linux and later expanded to consoles.

Success Story: Hollow Knight is an excellent Metroid Vania game that gathered critical acclaim due to its hand-drawn art. It’s even challenging gameplay with an immersive world. Its success brought plenty of awards and nominations, such as Best Independent Game at The Game Awards.

Unity’s Contribution: Unity has 2D capabilities that ensure seamless cross-platform development. It helped Team Cherry to focus on the content of the Game rather than just running after the technical part. Hence, this resulted in a great and engaging experience.

#2) Cuphead” by Studio MDHR:

Platform: It was at first released for Windows and Xbox One and later expanded to other platforms.

Success Story: Cuphead had a unique 1930s cartoon art style and a challenging run-and-gun play that became a hit instantly when it came to the market. It also gathered great praise for its visuals and gameplay, bagging plenty of awards.

Unity’s Contribution: Unity’s animation tools play an important role in replicating aesthetic cartoons. Moreover, Unity can support Xbox One development, which makes it a great choice for Studio MDHR.

#3) Oxenfree” by Night School Studio:

Platform: It was released on various platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile.

Success Story: Oxenfree is a thriller and supernatural that caught the attention of players with its great narrative dialogue system. The compelling story and audio design of the Game received acclaim from not only players but critics.

Unity’s Contribution: The commendable cross-platform capabilities of Unity helped Night School Studio target a broad audience. The assets of this Engine streamlined the process of integration of high-quality audio. Hence, this enhanced the immersive experience for users.

In-depth Analysis of Indie Games That Thrived with Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is majorly known for its great graphics and powerful tools. It has been a top choice among the majority of indie developers to produce visually immersive experiences. Here are three indie games that went for Unreal Engine and achieved immense success:

#1) Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice” by Ninja Theory:

Platform: It was initially released for Windows and later expanded to consoles.

Success Story: Hellblade made its mark by storytelling in video games. Hence, this also addressed mental health issues through narration and gameplay. The visuals and audio design were outstanding as they bagged many rewards.

Unreal Engine’s Contribution: The graphical capabilities and audio tool of Unreal Engine let Ninja Theory develop a visually and aurally striking experience. Hence, this helped players to resonate better.

#2) Inside” by Playdead:

Platform: It was initially released on different platforms, such as PC and consoles.

Success Story: Inside is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer that leaves players stunned with its atmospheric world. It had minimalist storytelling followed by puzzles that provoked thoughts. The Game also achieved appraisal due to its beautiful art design.

Unreal Engine’s Contribution: The physics and lightning system of the Unreal engine played a crucial role in developing the dark theme and immersive atmosphere. Its easy usage enabled the small teams to concentrate on the creative aspect.

#3) Hades” by Supergiant Games

Platform: It was initially released on Windows, macOS, and Nintendo Switch. Later it expanded to other platforms.

Success Story: Hades, an action-packed roguelike, became a sensation for its engaging gameplay and well-crafted narrative. It received numerous Game of the Year awards and nominations.

Unreal Engine’s Contribution: Unreal Engine’s flexibility allowed Supergiant Games to create dynamic environments. It also had character animations that added depth to the Game’s fast-paced combat.

Unity or Unreal Engine: Which One is Better for Your Game?

When you are starting your journey of developing games, it’s a crucial call to ensure that you are choosing the right game engine. It can heavily impact the success of your project. Hence, two of the major choices for indie developers are Unreal and Unity engine. Hence, to make informed decisions, it’s crucial to consider the following factors:

#1) Understanding Your Game’s Requirements and Goals

The most crucial step to be considered while choosing between Unreal and Unity engines is assessing requirements and goals. Both of these engines have their strengths and weaknesses that can help your development process. Unreal Engine is known for its great graphical capabilities, making it an ideal choice for visually immersive experiences.

But Unity is an excellent choice in terms of flexibility, ease of usage and L2D game development. It depends on whether you are aiming for a realistic 3D world or if your focus is on 2D simplicity. Identifying these factors will help narrow down your engine options.

#2) Budget and Resource Considerations

Your budget and available resources will be a great contributing factor to the selection of the Engine. Unity is a cost-effective option for indie developers. It has lower upfront costs and a revenue-sharing model. Unreal Engine, on the other hand, is a free-to-use one and needs royalties on gross revenue after a certain threshold.

Additionally, consider the hardware requirements for each Engine and the cost of equipment needed to run it effectively.

#3) Team Skills and Expertise

To choose between both engines, you should assess the skills and expertise of your team. Know that both engines have their learning curves. Hence, it is necessary to evaluate the familiarity of the team and experience with each of them. Unity is majorly in talks due to its user-friendly interface and extensive documentation. Hence, it is accessible for developers of varying skill levels.

Unreal Engine, on the other hand, is more complex. It can help with unparalleled visual quality if your team has the expertise to harness its power. Consider investing in training or hiring talent with the necessary skills.

#4) Community and Support Ecosystem

The support system of the Engine that you go for will have a higher impact on the development process. Unity has a large and active community, offering a wealth of resources, assets, and plugins. While Unreal Engine has a passionate community. It is well known for its contributions to visual effects and high-quality assets.

Hence, research the availability of tutorials, forums, and support channels for your chosen Engine. It can ensure you can access help when needed.

hire indie game developer


There is no straightforward answer to the clash between Unity and Unreal is not straightforward. It is because game development is hard to imagine without both of these incredible engines. Although both of these have pros and cons, the choice might depend on the requirements and language choices. On the other hand, game developers can use engines with a huge user base and great support for 2D and 3D gaming.

Moreover, it’s comparatively easy to learn for newer developers due to the use of C#. Unreal Engine is a great choice for building large and complex games. It is due to high-fidelity and photorealistic 3D graphics.

Also, developers need to understand C++; hence, it’s harder for new developers to understand. Unreal may be a suitable choice for experienced developers.


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