The website is the heart and soul of the business. It is the first place your audience will likely enter to learn about your company’s solutions.

59% of people prefer browsing ‘beautiful and well-designed sites to basic ones (Adobe). If the website is cluttered, not uniform, or contains unnecessary information, most people abandon it.

If you want to convert your hot leads into customers, you must work on creating engaging and delightful web solutions. It should start with good design, engaging content, and apt CTAs. The interface should be intuitive and connect with the audience.

As a startup owner, the website is your entire livelihood. You are more likely to find customers if your web solution is visible and reaches the right people. Putting all the effort into creating the front-end solution for your website is important.

ReactJS is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces. At least 44.31% of developers prefer using this framework (StackOverflow). It can help startups deliver cost-effective and engaging web solutions.

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In this discussion, we will talk about the importance of a website for startups. We will also discuss how ReactJS helps a website development company with interface solutions.

Importance of Website for Startups Business

A startup business needs maximum reach and visibility. Every person is important for the startup. The website is one of the best ways to attract people, engage them, and increase conversions. Let’s look at why a startup should consider investing in a website.

the importance of a website for startups

1. Builds the Brand Value

If your customer sees your brand, recognizes it, and feels strongly it will improve conversions. The brand value indicates people know, acknowledge, and purchase from your brand.

The website enables you to build the perceived value that will grant maximum conversions. It can connect with the audience at the base level. It will talk to them, tell them about your brand, and increase their understanding.

2. Cost-effective Marketing

If you start working on offline or traditional marketing methods, you must pay more. It will take a while before your startup gets the desired visibility. However, that is not the case when dealing with online marketing.

You can plan your reach extensively through Google ads, organic marketing approaches, and other methods. The idea is to maximize the reach and visibility. It is cost-effective, as the website takes much less to develop than your flyers and other traditional marketing approaches.

3. Educate the Customers

You have a platform where you can cater to your customers’ needs. You can educate them about the solutions you are offering. Talk to them about things that are important to you.

Similarly, they can resolve your queries through the website. It is also the 24/7 salesperson who sits down with the customer and tells them about you.

4. Builds a Reliable Relationship

The website helps you converse with the customers. It talks to them, connects with them, communicates the important elements, and helps build a strong relationship.

Through a website, your business can talk shop and tell the users how experienced you are. The users will know your abilities, skills, and experience. This will help you build a reliable and strong footing in the market.

It will also help improve business reliability and boost customer relationships. Several startup owners prefer using ReactJS to build their front-end solutions. Let’s look at the key features allowing developers to develop websites.

The 5 Key Features of ReactJS

Check out all the key features of ReactJS that will help you build a reliable and accurate solution.

insights into reactjs key features

#1 Unidirectional Flow

The one-way data binding is one of the prominent features of ReactJS. The data flows from the parent components to the child in the application. If there are changes made to a child component, it will not reflect in the parent component.

This means you can change the state of the child component for a specific feature without impacting the parent component.

#2 JavaScript Syntax Extension

If you want to add HTML components to your React file, use the JavaScript Syntax Extension. This will allow you to use the HTML structures within the file that you have created. It enhances your server-side rendering.

You can create nice structures and incredibly rendered solutions using the JavaScript extension with React.

#3 Use of Virtual DOM

DOM is an important part of your application. If the DOM is physical, it can occupy much memory space, reducing the speed/performance. However, ReactJS ensures that the application renders using the virtual DOM. As a result, the memory occupied is in the virtual space.

It will check the representations and changes between the new DOM and the existing DOM before completing the changes. This would increase the speed of changes and keep the performance.

#4 Debugging the Solution

ReactJS makes it easier to debug the applications and enhance their capability. You will notice that the external community will also help notice the existing issues. You can offer better solutions with the bugs removed from the system.

#5 Component-based Coding

This is an advantage for the react developers. You will create components for the particular logic or code inclusion. As a result, it is easier to reuse the components and accelerate the coding.

You can speed up development, especially in large-scale projects. When you create components, you will create individual logic and controls. This can help you advance the solution with minimal effort.

We have seen the features in detail. Let’s understand why you should use ReactJS for front-end development.

Top 10 Reasons to Why Should Startups Choose to ReactJS for Website Development

A startup must ensure the website is high-performing, accessible, and usable. There are various ways in which ReactJS promotes these abilities. Here are all the benefits of using ReactJS for your startup’s website.

the benefits of using reactjs for website development

1. High-performance

Whether you are planning a simple or complex application, performance plays a pivotal role. You must ensure the users can access the website, enjoy good loading speed and move around hassle-free.

The core feature VDOM, which optimizes memory allocation and utilization, is one of the main reasons ReactJS offers extensive performance. The core memory is utilized only after the changes are made. As a result, it doesn’t impact the website’s performance.

Similarly, the framework offers server-side rendering, which enhances app performance. It will ensure that the apps run faster and swiftly. This will enhance the user’s experience, which is important for engagement and conversions.

2. Usable Applications

ReactJS assures us to provide usable and highly interactive interfaces to the users. It keeps in mind the user’s requirements before designing the interface.

It comes with complete documentation and access to most features, so developing the right features is easier. You can create apps that are easily accessible with apt frontend designs.

As it is a front-end solution, you can build rich and usable interfaces. It offers engaging and experiential solutions using minimal components and code.

3. Easy to Learn and Use

When starting out, you might depend on in-house dedicated developers or freelancers. Choosing the right framework can make things easier for you.

ReactJS is easy to learn and allows you to create suitable solutions faster. It is based on JavaScript and is an extensive JS library. If you know JavaScript, you have already picked up the syntax and the deliverables.

If you don’t know JS, it is pretty easy to learn. So, you won’t face a huge learning curve at any point. This is an advantage as startups constantly seek ways to accelerate their deliverables.

4. Reusable Components

One of the main reasons the developers tend to delay the website launch is extensive coding. You need to create the solutions from the ground up in most cases. However, that is not the case when you are working with ReactJS.

You can create a single component, add the logic, and reuse it across the website. As the entire block is built using components, it is easier to develop the websites.

When you incorporate the change in one place, it will impact everywhere. It saves the debugging time and accelerates the app deployment.

5. In-built SEO

Optimizing the website for search engine discoverability is essential. You will notice more people connecting with you when your website is accessible to them. This happens when you implement technical SEO and organic optimization strategies for the business website.

You must consider the page loading speed and performance to ensure proper optimization.

React ensures proper loading speed and offers help with other technical optimization needs. As a result, you will notice that the application is easy to Discovery. Google might even favorite the website in the longer run.

6. Toolset Included

If you plan to build websites with emerging technologies, you might also want to use the required site toolsets. As Facebook backs ReactJS, the owner company ensures enough help for the developers. There are React Dev tools and Chrome Dev tools that can help build exceptional apps.

You can use these tools to create the parent components. You can also realize the parent-child component relationship and incorporate important props.

These toolsets extend support for the top technologies important in modern websites. You can leverage these technologies to enhance app development.

7. Community-backed Framework

This is a joyous reason why startups should consider using ReactJS. For one, if your developer is stuck, the huge Facebook community will reach out. As it has existed for a while now, the community is huge. You will find forums and GitHub communities that extend support to the framework.

You can always seek their help and resolve the bottlenecks faster. The number of developers supporting ReactJS is higher in the communities and forums. There are plenty of diverse projects developed using this framework.

Moreover, the extensive documentation prepared by the people inside communities can also help deliver the projects on time.

Putting together such a huge community can help startups in the longer run.

8. Enhances Code Stability

You offer stable and reliable code when you use ReactJS to build front-end solutions. As discussed during the features, ReactJS offers downward or unidirectional data flow. As a result, the changes made to the child components will not impact the parent component.

As a result, the developers change the object’s state and ensure only specific changes in a particular component. This way, the component that is targeted will benefit from the changes. It will not impact other components around it.

Owing to this nature of the framework, you will get stable and reliable code. It will also further the performance of the website. You must connect with a top-notch ReactJS development company to avail best outcomes.

9. Builds a Cost-effective Website

It is an open-source framework with multiple JavaScript libraries. It also contains reusable components so that you can develop a website with minimal cost. Startups can develop websites without investing a lot of money.

The flexibility and scalability ensure you can grow your website. It will help take it to the next stage with minimal investments in terms of cost and resources. Additionally, you will find that the average development cost is less for ReactJS than for other frameworks.

10. Always Up-to-date

As it is backed by Facebook and has a huge community of developers, it is continuously updated. You will notice newer functionality and components added that will accelerate development.

You can rely on the code samples available in the library to improve development capabilities. This allows startups to launch their ideas before others can.

Drawbacks of ReactJS Development

As with most platforms, you will also notice a few drawbacks with ReactJS.

  • The framework is not completely feature-driven. It offers the View model development components only from MVC architecture.
  • This restricts its use to build the interfaces for your websites. At the same time, you may not get the rich features needed to build a supportive and interactive large-scale website.
  • The documentation is not completely reliable for development. Most of the documentation has been created by the developer’s community. However, there is no one to take the responsibility of maintaining the documentation. This results in incomplete and not-so-reliable documentation.
  • The continuous addition and platform development can be considered a disadvantage. You will notice that many developers cannot keep pace with the growing platform demands. This results in the inability to include new features. It can impact the pace of development.

Final Thoughts: Why ReactJS is an Excellent Choice for Startups?

Startups should consider ReactJS despite the potential drawbacks of the platform. It can help you deliver cost-effective and highly reliable solutions.

The talent pool for ReactJS is extensive. In the comparison between Angular vs React vs Vue, you will find more resources for ReactJS. So, finding someone to help meet your business goals and development needs is easier.

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Startups can easily make changes to smaller components without impacting the more significant part of the application. This helps release the apps faster and ensures completely bug-free launches.

Startups can get high-quality and performing websites with minimal effort and investment. React Native app development can guarantee maximum returns to businesses.


As a startup, owning a high-performance website is important to convert faster and earn more profits. This guide will help you determine if ReactJS is the framework for your business and how it can impact your goals.

If you have finalized to move forth with ReactJS, you should consider partnering with the right company. Best Remote Team can help you hire ReactJS developers to partner with you on this mission. Our fully vetted companies will accelerate development and extend quality launches. Connect with our team to learn more about sourcing the right partners.


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