When it comes to mobile app development, there are two options for businesses. Either they can go for native mobile app development or they can choose cross-platform app development. If you are a startup, you can go for cross-platform app development as it is highly cost-effective and quick.

Cross-platform apps are great at performance and also can be developed in just no time. On the other hand, native apps take time to develop and can cost you more. When it comes to cross-platform app development, Flutter and React Native are the two primary frameworks that developers use. In this post, we will discuss the Flutter network and how to hire a Flutter developer for your project.Before we begin, let’s check out some statistics about Flutter.

stack overflow survey

As per the Stack Overflow Surney 2022, Flutter was ranked number five in the most loved technology in frameworks and libraries. In addition to that, another survey conducted in 2021 revealed that 42% of software developers prefer Flutter over other frameworks for mobile app development. Flutter is one of the rapidly growing mobile app development frameworks in the world. The sheer popularity of Flutter is because of some amazing advantages it offers to developers and businesses.

What is Flutter?

If you are looking for visually enthralling, multi-platform, and natively compiled mobile applications at the best price, Flutter is the name.

Flutter is actually an open-source UI toolkit and framework powered by Google.

With Flutter, you just need to write code once and then you can reuse the codebase to develop applications for other platforms.

Not just mobile apps, you can use Flutter to develop single-page web applications and desktop websites as well.

The main aim of developing Flutter was to compete with React Native, another cross-platform app development framework by Facebook.

However, Flutter has its own fan base now, thanks to some awesome benefits it has to offer to developers.

You can create native-like cross-platform mobile applications with Flutter. All you need to do is to hire a Flutter developer with prior experience and sheer expertise.

What Are the Advantages of Flutter?

There are many actually. Let’s discuss some of them in detail to give you an idea of why Flutter is so popular among the global developer community.

In recent years, Flutter has gained immense popularity as it makes the whole app development process quick, smooth, and seamless while saving time and money.

Here is a list of the benefits of using Flutter for your mobile app development project.

flutter advantages

1. Flutter is cost-effective

Yes, if you have budget constraints, Flutter is a framework to think about.

Compared to other frameworks in the picture, Flutter supports all your business requirements and helps you develop a tailor-made app within your budget.

The code reusability feature of Flutter comes in handy here. You can use the same codebase to develop mobile apps for other platforms.

Startups, small, and medium-sized enterprises, and businesses can develop business-centric mobile apps with stunning visuals and great features. The mobile app development cost with Flutter is low.

2. Quick development

Flutter is also effective in quickening the development process. As you have to write code once and reuse it for multiple platforms, the app-to-market time is very low.

On the other hand, when you develop a native app, it takes a lot more time and effort. Flutter apps can be developed quickly even with advanced features and functionalities.

When you have time constraints or want to launch your app quickly to get a competitive edge, just hire a Flutter developer for the project.

3. Enhanced user experience

Flutter has a wide range of pre-designed widgets that offer a stunning visual appearance to the apps.

Flutter apps are visually appealing and with striking and intuitive user interfaces. Such apps can offer a superlative and friendly user experience to the app users.

Furthermore, Flutter also allows developers to develop resized and relocated standard UI elements as per the platform resolution and screen size.

Overall, Flutter helps businesses to facilitate the best user experience for their users.

4. Better productivity

Flutter also improves the overall productivity of the app development process.

For example, the hot reloading feature of Flutter allows developers and designers to make changes without affecting the code. Also, they can effectively see modifications during the development process.

With the hot reloading feature, developers can easily fix bugs and address other functional issues during the process itself.

In short, with Flutter, developers can be very productive.

5. Improved Customization

Do you want a framework that allows you to customize your app as per your custom business requirements? Flutter is your best bet here to achieve this goal for your business.

Flutter is a framework that uses a single codebase for app development for multiple platforms. It allows developers to modify and customize the app as they wish.

Such customizations can be beneficial for businesses as they can create apps that serve their business interests.

Moreover, it also allows developers to update the app as per the reviews and suggestions received from the customers.

6. Flexible and Responsive

Flutter is a highly flexible framework. You can twist it as per your custom business requirements and create highly responsive mobile apps.

Flutter apps work excellently on any platform such as Android, iOS, or Windows. You will not have any performance or functional issues with the app.

Just make sure that you hire a Flutter developer who knows how to play with the framework to offer the best customizations to the app.

7. Flutter is best for MVP Development

If you want to validate your app idea, go for MVP development. You can use Flutter for MVP development for your app to develop it quickly.

You can offer this MVP to your customers or other stakeholders and ask for their feedback and suggestions.

Based on these suggestions, you can develop a final product that enthralls your customers.

The Flutter UI toolkit is easy to comprehend and developers can easily create the finest MVPs to validate the app ideas and present them to investors.

Things to Consider While Hiring a Flutter Developer

Now, we will check out some factors to consider while hiring Flutter developers for your project.

4 things to consider while hire flutter developer

Knowledge of Flutter

The first thing you need to check is whether the developer is well-versed in the Flutter framework or not. He should be able to answer all the questions satisfactorily and should have prior experience in developing Flutter apps.

Android and iOS Development Experience

Another skill that you need to check is whether the developer has worked with Android and iOS app development projects or not. He should be able to work with Android and iOS and should be well-versed in various programming languages, frameworks, databases, and libraries.

Expertise in GitHub

GitHub is a cloud storage repository hosting service where developers save their work. Hire Flutter developer who is well-versed in Git and knows how to use Git for app development.

Knowledge of Databases and Libraries

An ideal Flutter developer should be well-versed in various databases and libraries. Some of the databases are MySQL, SQLite, REST API Integration, PostgreSQL database, and others. Also, he must know how to develop an app with agile methodology.

Responsibilities of a Flutter Developer

A Flutter developer’s first and foremost responsibility is to develop a responsive, robust, and feature-rich Flutter app. However, he should also work on other fronts responsibly. Some other responsibilities of Flutter developers are:

  • Make sure that the code is clean and highly concise and without any issues.
  • Make sure that the app does not have any bugs and if you have, fix them instantly.
  • Ability to research a bit for mobile app development projects for libraries, third-party APIs, and other tools.
  • Ensure that the app is delivered to the clients on time.
  • Become a good team member and collaborate well with his team members such as designers, quality analysts, and project managers.
  • Should be able to communicate with clients and incorporate their suggestions and inputs in the development process.

Job Description for a Senior Flutter Programmer

What should be the job description for a senior Flutter developer if you want to hire one? Here is a sample for you.

  • He should be a certified Flutter developer.
  • He should have at least 3 to 5 years of experience working dedicatedly in Flutter app development.
  • He should have developed at least two Flutter apps in the past.
  • He should be able to work in the agile development methodology.
  • He should be able to write clean code as per the coding standards.
  • He should know how to prepare the app document.
  • He should have prior experience in automated testing.
  • He should be able to integrate third-party APIs with the app effortlessly and without any data losses.
  • He should be able to speak, write, and understand English.

Where to Hire a Flutter Developer?

So now you want to hire a Flutter developer, but do you know where to find him? This is a question that needs an answer.

Most businesses want quality mobile applications. Hence, it is important that you hire Flutter developers from the top locations.

If you don’t have any budget constraints, you can hire developers from the USA and Europe. These countries have the best lot of skilled developers.

Other options are Indian developers, Chinese developers, Ukraine developers, and Brazilian developers.

Indian developers are known for their quality work and seamless communication. You can have the best time dealing with them. Also, they deliver apps on time and are cost-effective too.

In recent years, India has become an IT hub for outsourcing. You can easily find a good mobile app development company that offers the best services.

Flutter Developer Hourly Rate

Now, let’s check out the hourly rates of Flutter programmers in different countries. It will give you an estimation of which country to prefer for your project.

flutter developer hourly rate


In the USA, the average hourly rate for a Flutter developer ranges from $45 to $75. They are top-notch programmers and are easy and reliable to work with. However, they are costlier than developers working from other countries.


European Flutter developers are also good coders and are compatible when it comes to culture. The average hourly rate to hire a European Flutter developer ranges from $65 to $90.


Indian developers are highly adaptive and can deliver projects on time. Also, they are good at communication and can work in your time zones as well.

Also, they are known for their quality of work. You can hire Flutter developer at an hourly cost of $15 to $35.


If you want to hire a Flutter developer from China, you can hire them at an average cost of $25 to $45 per hour.


The average cost of hiring a Flutter developer from Brazil will cost you $25 to $40 per hour.


Flutter is one of the best cross-platform mobile app development frameworks which is backed by Google. You can develop highly responsive, visually appealing, feature-rich, and functional cross-platform apps for your business.

Furthermore, Flutter offers a great possibility for customization as per your business requirements. It reduces the app-to-market time and saves time and money to a great extent.

All you need to do is to hire a Flutter developer who has experience in developing Flutter apps and has a promising portfolio.


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