Are you planning to launch an application on multiple platforms? Is native app development an expensive option for your business?

With the rising competition and the increasing number of users on all platforms, you cannot strive to make a mark in the app world by launching on a single platform. You must ensure you reach all users, irrespective of their device and operating system.

Cross-platform app development can help develop apps that can be used on multiple platforms without doubling the efforts. It is important to choose the right framework for development. A framework can minimize the efforts, improve resource accessibility, and accelerate the launch.

Flutter is a popular cross-platform framework among developers, According to a recent survey, Flutter has established itself as the most popular cross-platform mobile framework, with over 42% preferring it over others. Ease of use, low learning curve, and high performance are reasons for its popularity.

Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide from 2019 to 2022

Here, we will discuss the benefits of hiring Flutter developers and the steps to follow to choose the right developer or development team.

5 Reasons Why Flutter is Getting Popular with Developers

We discussed that 42% of developers prefer Flutter over other mobile app development frameworks. Let’s understand why Flutter is popular among cross-platform development platforms.

why flutter is popular

  1. Shared Codes: When you use Flutter for app development, you write the code once and share it across platforms. As a result, your overall development time is reduced, and you can accelerate the product launch.
  1. Platform Agnostic UI: You don’t design the user interface twice for the different platforms. Moreover, you don’t need to include platform-specific elements when sharing the interface design on separate platforms. You can use the same UI rendered using the Skia engine across platforms, as the interfaces are not dependent on the platform components.
  1. Widget-based Simplified Development: As the entire framework allows you to develop apps using widgets, you can reuse them across the project. This will simplify overall coding and enhance the development speed. It will also help you include the features essential for the application.
  1. Hot Reload: You can make changes to the app while in a production environment without impacting the live application. You can even check how the app changes will look in the real world.
  1. Simplifies Testing: With the several features within the framework that support testing, you can easily assess and evaluate the application.

The incredible features that set the framework apart are also one of the main reasons why most developers use the framework for app development.

7 Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Team of Flutter Developers

Hiring Flutter developers for your next project is inevitable if you want to benefit from the framework’s incredible features. It also means choosing whether to outsource it to a freelancer or hire Flutter developer dedicated to your business.

We will discuss the benefits of hiring a dedicated team for your mobile app development needs.

benefits of hiring a flutter developers team

#1 Better Visibility into Development

Hiring a dedicated team gives you better visibility into the development processes. You know how much work has been accomplished and what is left.

It also helps you gain control over app development. You know when to intervene, remove the bottlenecks, and ensure smoother development. Visibility into the activities also enables you to make the right decision.

#2 Helps Deliver Clean Codes

When you hire a dedicated team, they focus on your project alone. This will ensure you get a clean-coded application at the end of the day.

As their focus is on your project, they will ensure simplified solutions. They will brainstorm to offer the best coding solutions with fewer lines. The dedicated team will also spend commenting on the code so that it is easier to understand and readable.

#3 Proven Development Processes

They would have developed Flutter mobile applications for businesses operating in your niche. From their past experiences, they would have derived a process that can help accomplish the app development goals.

They would move from Discovery to strategy to execution to identify the best tech stack for your mobile application. It would also help devise suitable blueprints to build a successful application.

#4 Improved Communication and Collaboration

You may have outsourced a part of the mobile app development to the dedicated Flutter app development team. However, you might still be responsible for the remaining application aspects.

For example, if you have outsourced a major chunk of features and are developing the remaining in-house to accelerate application development, you may need regular collaboration.

The dedicated team would have a defined process and communication protocol and choose tools to help with regular collaboration. This will ensure you can work together to deliver the mobile application.

#5 Offer Improved Data Security

The dedicated team would ensure that the mobile application you develop is completely secure and well-encrypted. They would introduce layers of security and data security that can help add more customers and increase conversions.

When you hire Flutter developers for a few hours, you may need to realize the security requirements of the mobile application. However, when you hire a dedicated team, they will know the security vulnerabilities and introduce the aspects as required.

#6 Complete App Testing

Testing is pivotal if you want to launch a well-tested and highly efficient mobile application. Flutter framework offers extensive features that make testing easy. With a dedicated team, you can be assured of devising the right test cases, planning the unit tests, and providing a fully evaluated mobile application.

#7 Increased Productivity

As you have a dedicated team handling the project development, you may not need to involve your resources. There will be a single person handling the entire project from your side. This can improve your overall productivity and focus on internal business needs. Eventually, you will notice a boost in your business outcomes.

What are The Major Challenges of Hiring Flutter Developers?

While dedicated teams perform better than hiring developers or freelancers, it is not free of challenges. You will face ample issues when you set out to hire dedicated teams. Here, we will discuss the top challenges you will likely face when hiring dedicated development teams.

problems when hiring flutter developers

  1. Time-zone Challenges: If you have hired a dedicated team from another time zone, it could pose a problem for your business. If not leveraged properly, you will notice that the different time zones can stop the collaboration. You may need help to work properly. However, if you look at the opportunities it offers, it may be relatively easy.
  1. Recruitment Costs: This is a major issue of hiring a dedicated team. You will spend a lot of time and resources hiring the teams. You might waste time if you don’t have a team to support your recruitment. It is possible despite the processes, you might not find the right team. Moreover, you might need to look for another team after completing the recruitment, as you don’t have a competent team onboard.
  1. Communication Issues: Communication is key to good collaboration. You and the team must communicate properly to accomplish the project on time. It can be a barrier if you speak different languages or belong to separate cultures. You two can ably communicate and collaborate with some training and a complete understanding of the different cultures.

7 Important Responsibilities of the Flutter Development Team

What is expected of the Flutter app development team? It is very important to know the responsibilities the entire team will take to ensure smooth application development.

  1. Understand the work scope and define the requirements for the application. They will be the ones that will move from Discovery to requirements gathering. With their expertise and experience in building suitable solutions, they would be able to devise an apt workshop.
  1. Strategies to create the roadmap and execute the mobile application. They will be responsible for drawing estimates, dividing the application into phases, and developing it.
  1. MVP development, developing the prototypes, and creating the designs for the mobile application. The team will be responsible for various facets of design to build a responsible and intuitive interface.
  1. Clean coding and readable syntax are important for the exact execution of the mobile application. The team will ensure that they offer well-commented codes that can help the teams evaluating or building the app further understand.
  1. Complete evaluation of the application to test for functionality, usability, and performance. The team needs a QA engineer and someone who conducts the different test cases.
  1. Incorporate the feedback provided by the customers of the mobile application. It is important for the developers to listen to the users and implement features or changes as demanded.
  1. Maintain the application, incorporate regular upgrades, and keep the system up-to-date for the device and OS versions.

Step-by-step Guide to Hiring Flutter Developers

We have seen the benefits and challenges of hiring dedicated flutter development teams. Let’s look at the steps you should follow to find the team that best fits your needs.

hire flutter developers in 5 easy steps

1. Define the Work Scope

You will only know what you are looking for with a defined scope and requirement list. Whether you need Flutter developers in large numbers or one designer plus developer will be best known when you know the requirements.

While defining the work scope, ensure you are equally aware of how you want to achieve it. It is only possible to complete some tasks in a single go. So, you should also plan the phases for the app development at this point.

2. Determine the Engagement Model

Are you looking for individuals or an entire team? Do you want to hire Flutter developers hourly or as a dedicated team for your mobile app needs? Sourcing the team members, hiring the individuals, and laying out the plans for your mobile application.

If you are hiring developers, the whole plan for recruitment and vetting differs.

3. Source the Candidates

It is time to look through the different channels and find the right candidates that match your work scope requirements and engagement model.

Directories: Many Flutter app development firms would have listed their businesses online via managed directories. You can look there to find the teams you need

GoogleMyBusiness: This is an apt place to begin your search. You might find good teams listed here.

Recommendations: Check if people in your network can help find someone who suits your requirements.

Review Websites: Software review and rating websites can also help you source the perfect candidate for your needs.

4. Vetting Process

It is essential to carefully vet every candidate you have sourced from every channel.

  • Look at their area of expertise. See if it matches what you need for your Flutter mobile app.
  • Take a look at their experience. See if it is relevant and in sync with what you need.
  • Check out their credentials and see if they can complete the app development.
  • Know if they are technically adeptat helpingp you with mobile app development.

The vetting process considers the candidate’s technical and soft skills to help identify the best-fit partner.

5. Consult and Question

Before you finalize the Flutter app development team, consult them with your app idea and the pain points you plan to solve. Check out how they move from there. Don’t help them with the solution you have in mind. See the kind of solution they offer. Ask them questions on how they would proceed with the application development. If you get satisfactory answers, you can proceed with the contract signing.

Make sure you have a smooth onboarding process to help you collaborate over app development.

Cost of Hiring a Flutter Development Team

The cost of hiring the team is somewhere between $4k to $6k on average. It also depends on the number of members you need in the team and the app development timelines.

As the advancements in features increase, the cost of development will increase. You will need skilled resources for the whole process. This can increase the cost of hiring a dedicated team.

Similarly, if you need to build a solid user experience and a complex app, you need everyone from strategists to testers on the team. This can increase the cost of hiring the team.


Flutter app development is gaining popularity owing to its platform-agnostic nature and flexibility. You can scale the Flutter framework to meet newer app requirements. Hiring a dedicated Flutter app development team can help accomplish the app’s goals.

Hiring the team can accelerate development, increase user experiences, and enhance the productivity of your in-house team. Choosing the right team can be pivotal to the app’s success.

We discussed the steps to follow to choose the right company. Best Remote Team partners with you to automate recruitment processes and source the ideal candidates for your team’s requirements. We have the keen eye and observation power to choose the suitable dedicated flutter development team for your business.

To contact us to source candidates for your requirements, fill out our contact us form.


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