The tech stack is key to building a robust and reliable software solution. The programming language helps you code the logic into a well-defined solution. New players surround the world of programming language, each one coming up with a better way to code the same logic.

However, the landscape is full of languages that developers love. This statistic introduces you to the top languages developers prefer (Statista).

most used programming languages among developers worldwide as of 2022

JavaScript has been ruling the world of programming languages. Developers love it and often use it to deliver capable solutions. However, TypeScript seems to be following on close heels. At least 34% of developers use TypeScript.

This programming language was developed to help developers build complex and robust applications. TypeScript is a language developed over JavaScript. The inability of JavaScript to handle complex coding led to the development of TypeScript. However, the two are very similar in many ways.

The question remains- when to choose either of the two programming languages? Here, we will compare the two languages to help you make the right choice.

TypeScript: An Overview of the Programming Language

Microsoft developed this scripting language. It is an open-source and object-oriented language developed to incorporate optional typing methods. It is not a dynamically compiled programming language. However, it can be used to build server and client-side applications. You can also use this language in sync with JavaScript.

an overview of typescript

This language is a superset of JavaScript, making application development easier. You can use the TypeScript compiler to run and debug the application. This scripting language can support definition files, and you can use the type information to create new project files.

TypeScript can overcome the shortcomings expressed by JavaScript, which can enable better coding solutions.

The Key Features

Here are all the features that make TypeScript a must-use language for your website or web application.

top 5 key features of typescript

1. Type Inference: You can automatically detect the expression type in a formal language. It helps enhance the speed of coding.

2. DOM Manipulation: This allows you to manipulate the real DOM to add or remove elements from the app without impacting the application.

3. Portable Scripting Language: One of the major features is that this is a portable language. You can quickly move it across devices, browsers, and operating systems. It makes it easier to operate and execute programs with this scripting language

4. Static Typing Language: This means the application can easily infer the class or type of the elements, even when it is not described

5. Compatible with JavaScript: It can efficiently work along and move with the JavaScript libraries. You can use the elements within the JavaScript code to make your app idea a reality.

Check out the pros and cons of TypeScript app development.

Pros Cons
You will know when you enter an unwarranted code or wrong syntax while working on the code The typing system is slightly complicated and complex. It comes with a steep learning curve
Enhances code management abilities for better coding solutions You will need to compile the code separately to ensure smooth running and better debugging
With TypeScript, you can quickly introduce the developers to the coding system and bring them to speed with the application. You rely on auto-typing and scripting, so you may not look at all the security problems you will likely face.
It is a popular programming language that several developers use. It has a growing community that supports the development.

JavaScript: An Overview of the Programming Language

JavaScript is one of the fundamental programming languages offering dynamic scripting to developers. It is the basis for several other frameworks and programming languages. With an extensive library and numerous developers supporting the vision, JavaScript is the future of web and mobile app development.

an overview of javascript

It was devised to build client-side applications; however, several businesses have also been using the scripting language to produce server-side applications. It is a high-level and JIT-compiled language that supports many websites and web applications. It is, again object-oriented and prototype-driven application development language.

It is a multi-paradigm language that supports event-driven functionality. It can help with networking and storage as well as I/O functions. They also have engines that help with runtime compilation.

The Key Features

Let’s look at all the key features that make this programming language a winner.

top 6 key features of javascript

1. Lightweight: This is a light programming language, which means the code is converted into byte-sized during runtime. It will increase the efficiency of the systems.

2. Functional Programming Support: You can assign a function to another argument or use the function to call by reference within the programming.

3. Dynamic Typing: This feature extends the efficiency of the programmer. You can easily attach values to the different variables used in the program.

4. Platform Agnostic: You are not dependent on browsers or operating systems to develop the applications. It can be built and accessed via all platforms.

5. Prototype-Based: You will use the application’s prototypes to build the program. This replaces the classes used in application development.

6. Interpreted Language: Each line within the program is processed and compiled during the runtime.

Pros Cons
As it is a lightweight and interpreted language, you will notice that it impacts the speed of the application. Every browser interprets the language and codes differently, thus producing different results. This can impact customer experience
It has a low learning curve and is easy to learn. Even new developers can get started with this language Fewer debugging editors can help with eradicating the bugs
It can efficiently operate with other frameworks and programming languages, thus enhancing application development. This programming language supports single inheritance, which can be difficult for certain use cases.
Data validation occurs on the browser instead of the server. This reduces the server load. The bitwise functions can be sluggish, impacting the performance.
With time, JavaScript is used for server and client-side development.
You can reduce the code length with JavaScript, thus reducing the overhead.

Key Differences between TypeScript and JavaScript

Here’s an in-depth comparison of the two programming languages and how they will help.

brief comparison of typescript and javascript

When to use TypeScript over JavaScript?

When you are developing a small-scale project, MVP, prototype, or a slightly medium-complexity application, JavaScript can help. However, if you plan an extensive application with greater complexities, you might want to move to TypeScript. The inferencing, static typing and other features that enhance the efficiencies can extend better support.

With large-scale apps, you must be more accurate and determine solid support. It should be devoid of any issues and bugs. TypeScript ensures better compilation support and wins in this segment.


JavaScript or TypeScript- the saga continues. It is a crucial choice, depending on how you visualize your business application. If you have too many features and wish to add the latest trends, you should go with TypeScript. However, if you are planning a single-page website or web page with medium complexity, choose JavaScript.

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