Why choose Node.js for your next web app development?

Choosing the best technology for your web app development has always been a difficult task. In today’s world, there are numerous technologies, frameworks, and programming languages available in the market making it a bit tough task for the business owners or entrepreneurs to opt for. One of the vital factors while developing a web app is to maintain efficiency. The more long duration it takes to complete the project, the more costly it will become for you. NodeJS is considered as one of the best cross-platform, JS runtime environment for creating effective and scalable REST APIs, Mobile & Desktop apps, and much more.

What is NodeJS?

Don’t confuse NodeJS as a framework or a library, it is a runtime environment that is dependent on Chrome V8’s JS engine which assists you in JS code execution from the server-side. The primary reason why several developers and businesses opt for NodeJS is because of its cool features & support of JavaScript. Node.js developers get easy tool access to develop a complex web application with ease & efficiently. Node.js is one of the JavaScript platforms which is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

Node.js provides you a real-time 2-way communication like flawless communication between the server-side & client-side. In short, it divides the workload between a service provider & the client.

Why NodeJS for Web App Development?

Extremely fast

The compilation of the Chrome V8 engine into native machine runs and code extremely fast. It also helps the businesses and organizations to develop robust & fast apps that can easily maintain parallel connections with unbeatable performance. In short with the correct framework or thread models that are viable with the most recent Java framework, NodeJS assists in boosting the speed of development without any problem.
Organizations who are looking to Hire NodeJS Developers for their project, can expect agile web application development.

Single Codebase

JavaScript written by NodeJS developers is for both client and server, as this makes synchronization between a client and server to send and receive the data. Most apps that we see today consists of large-sized data. NodeJS can easily share those data between the client and the server, executing a common code on both ends for developing a single-page app. Meteor is a web application that has been created on top of the NodeJS executing the same codebase on both sides.

For example, PaaS like Modulus & Nodejitsu decreases enterprises to a singular order.

Data Streaming

HTTPS responses and requests are considered as entire data objects for web frameworks. While performing web app development, I/O handling is required. NodeJS provides great attributes for handling this process, granting users to transcode audio or video files & streaming data all during the loading time. Besides, Node.JS could read and compose WebSockets stream, along these lines it’s able to read and write streams to HTTP.

SEO Friendly

Each business and organization requires a web application which is SEO-Friendly. SEO Web apps engage more users & provide visibility on several online platforms. The one thing that makes NodeJS Development Services SEO friendly is it’s simple and easy to use design & interface. The one significant thing that your web application development won’t actually need to miss out on, is the SEO based app.

Sharing made easy

The NPM can be shared easily by disclosing it. This is also one of the vital reasons why any best web app development company craves to adopt this framework. It is toilsome to share anything while at the same time utilizing another framework. Companies are mindful of the way that this will accelerate their activities. Numerous NodeJS developers likewise adopt this feature to easily share things while working on a similar project.

NodeJS can maintain the codes at an extent level. Node Package Manager allows NodeJS developer to easily distribute the codes by divulging it. It combines 50,000 storehouse bundles for successful arrangements. This helps the developers in reusing, sharing, and refreshing the code cleverly for front end development services.


The choice of hiring NodeJS Developers depends on your project requirement, and how do you need to build the application. Of course, finding the right one is not an easy task, yet if you follow the above approach, things would turn much easier.

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