• Issues Faced in Current Market

    • You have to wait for a long time to find an appropriate client.
    • You have to work on your own with no additional support at all.
    • You can be fired at any time.
    • Inconsistent salary
    • You can never be a part of the team, you are always a service supplier for them.
    • Work consistency also fades away. Some times a lot of work or sometimes no work at all.
    • You have to take care of everything on your own starting from invoices to admin tasks.
    • You are always given a limited time to work.
    • The risk of delayed payment or no payment at all is always high.
    • It is difficult to trust the clients that are miles away.
    • In case of difficulties, you cannot connect with higher authorities of the concerned person.
  • Our Solutions

    • We actively look for a remote job according to your qualifications and offer the best matching profiles to you.
    • We manage the interviews between you and the client.
    • Every single hour of work is paid at our place.
    • We look after your payment cycle.
    • We also take care of your invoices, time, overtime, leaves, commissions and much more.
  • Infrastructure

    • Well managed office in the center of the city.
    • Equipped with all types of hardware and software systems required.
    • Have high-speed internet with a reach of 99.5% SLA.
    • Offer 24X7 power backup and system admin in house.
    • Safe premises with locked gates and access control barrier.
Parvez Mankad

Parvez Mankad,

UI/UX Designer

I have been working with BEST REMOTE TEAM for the past 3 years and have amazing work experience with them. I have never been in a shortage of clients and have noticed my growth all over.

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