• Infrastructure:

    • Well managed office in the center of the city.
    • Computers equipped with all types of hardware and software systems required.
    • Have high-speed internet with a reach of 99.5% SLA.
    • Offer 24X7 electricity with power backup facility.
    • System and network admin on the site.
    • Safe premises with locked gates and access control barrier.
  • Client and Developer Support:

    • We facilitate you with a dedicated HR/Client Manager that helps you communicate with your team easily.
    • We help you keep a check on regular updates for development done by your team.
    • Examine your feedback for the quality work of your remote team.
    • Take care of your developer’s needs to maintain his job satisfaction.
    • Organize events and outings for maintaining team spirit.
  • Administrative

    • Accountants and Legal Advisors.
    • Salaries and additional taxes of your employees.

What advantages does an extended Team Model offer over Project Outsourcing?

  • Custom recruitment

    You'll never work with someone from our bench - we don't have one! We initiate the recruitment process only after clarifying your requirements, and you interview the candidates yourself.

  • High developer commitment

    When you hire developers with us, they will work as your full-time employees, and they’re as dedicated to your success as your in-house team.

  • Direct communication

    You, your tech lead, or your project manager communicate with the dedicated development team directly. No middlemen, no miscommunication.

  • Predictable costs

    You pay your developers' salaries and a flat monthly fee for our services.

  • Flexibility

    Change team size with only one month’s notice. Request advanced IT security. Travel to our offices to work alongside your software developers or bring them over to your headquarters.

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