Development Team In-Person

Working with offshore development companies has become so common in the software development space as having fries with a hamburger. But, managing the remote development, and making them work effectively and productively is not a plain-sailing journey.

Even, the slew of communication and collaboration tools has proven to be inefficient in the seamless management of the team. It’s because the geographical, cultural, and language differences make it difficult to develop a mutual understanding between you and the team.

In this way, the extended team, that’s a cost-effective option for the development becomes an expensive option in the sense of understanding them, working with them, and achieving great results. What you should do? The challenge can be addressed by visiting the offshore team personally at regular intervals.

Not convinced with the idea of visiting the offshore team? Here are the reasons that enlist how regular visits can help in bringing improvements in the operations and making the investment paid off.

1 Meet and Learn about the team

Meeting the team in-person helps in learning about the developers who are going to work on the project. The internal discussion unveils hidden information such as which developers talk frequently, which are not responsive, which collaborates, and which are technically strong in various aspects. Using the information, the team members can be approached accordingly.

2 Know them at an individual level

The physical visit to the offshore team helps in digging deeper to know more about individual strengths and the weak points so that they can be mentored and trained accordingly. The technically sound developer can be identified who can provide apt responses when questions are escalated. Besides, the understanding of the project priorities among the team members can be assessed to make things clear if they have any misunderstanding.

3 Gain a better understanding of the culture and environment

Finding cultural differences is a part and parcel of offshore development. It’s important to know the drivers of the culture and what factors motivate the team members because it’s going to have a direct impact on the app development and the users that app will target. The work environment that includes office space, computing equipment, and infrastructure signals the app development productivity levels.

4 Communicate the best ways to work in rhythm

The personal meeting provides a good time to learn about the internal team and their capabilities. In the meantime, the improvements in different areas, and new processes and tools can be brainstorm to make the app development a great success. It provides a great opportunity to view the app development process and the future app from the developers’ lens so that necessary additions can be made.

5 Discuss the work status and priorities

The app development is not about developing and designing the application. The developers have to engineer the business vision and mission in the app, which makes it essential to communicate the business and operational priorities to the developers. The clear picture of business priorities, challenges, and goal enable the team to explore new opportunities which when incorporated in the app, it makes the business stand on the top of the ladder they want.

6 Tap the business opportunities

When you are targeting global audience or the users of the region where development project is outsourced, then visiting the offshore development center allow you to discover a lot of things, which further helps in business expansion.

7 Listen to the untold story

The internal issues are always kept inside the four walls of the office, which could be known only during the office visit. You can identify where the team members are investing the time, are they working appropriately, what factors hindering the growth, the issues outside of the defined process, and pretty more, which no one will talk about.

Summing it up

There is barely a difference in managing the in-house team and offshore team because you have to keep an eagle eye on the development process and team to keep the project on track. Well, the advanced communication and collaboration tools are available that make it easier to track the project development on an ongoing basis, but still, to see a bigger picture- visiting the office is vital. Don’t hesitate to invest the time and money in the offshore development visit as it will pay you off at the later stage with flawless solution development.

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