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In the recent Apple launch event, new iPhone products were released. The new phones promise incredible features that can enhance the capabilities of diverse industries, especially healthcare. It is important to build apps that can empower the organization and enhance the overall user experience to leverage the device components.

However, to ensure quick and well-articulated app launches, you need an efficient iPhone app development team to support you. The main question is how you will build a solid and effective iPhone/iOS development team.

In this guide, we will take you through the points to build your iOS App Development Team, the structure of the team, and the skills you need.

How to Build a Successful iOS App Development Team

When building a team, you should consider your vision and goals to determine the most suited resources. For example, you will need expertise in a particular technology or programming language like Flutter, React Native to realize your app. Here are all the steps to help you find, hire and manage the most efficient resources.

5 steps to build an effective iPhone/ios app development team

1. Research to find the Ideal Members

You cannot begin building your team without investing in research. Your research and find the right people for your team in several places.

In your network: You can ask people/businesses who have recently invested in iPhone app development to help you find the ideal resources.

Social Media: Whether you want to hire a team or individual resources to build the team, you can rely on social media. They will help you find the right individuals to help build iPhone/iOS applications.

Spaces like Upwork: These places will help you look for resources that can help you build an efficient app solution.

Rating and Review Websites: Websites like Clutch can give you an idea into the top iPhone app development companies in your vicinity. If you plan to hire developers, you can get a glimpse into the top individual designers, developers and strategists.

Search Engines: You can search on Google or other search engines for the top iPhone app developers to find the right individual for your requirements.

When you begin researching, you will find several individuals that can fill different buckets. For example, you will find a list of strategists, developers, designers and QA engineers. To build an effective team, you need to move to the next step, where we will review the individuals

2. Review the Candidates to Shortlist

Once you have your list, you need to scan through them to identify the people that best fit your app development vision and goals. Here are a top 4 factors that can help you shortlist better.

Expertise: This is the first aspect you must consider when building your team. Are they experts in iPhone app design, development or testing? You will need to check their proficiency, skills and understanding of the specific field.

Experience: Have they developed iPhone/iOS mobile apps for your niche? What type of apps have they delivered? How successful are these apps?

Tool Proficiency: Are they proficient with the tools needed to build or design the application? Can they make sure they develop well-defined apps using the tools and accelerate the time to market?

Technical Skills: Are they well-versed in the programming languages (Swift and Objective-C)? Do they have a complete understanding of the design guidelines and principles?

These factors will help you find the members that can help you with your vision. However, you need to consult these individuals, talk to them, and finalize the team.

3. Interview the Teams

Once you have shortlisted based on their technical skills and expertise, you can begin in-person consultation of these candidates. Here’s everything you should talk to them before making the decision.

➔ You should understand how they meet deadlines. What healthy process helps them ensure they are on time with their final tasks
➔ How do they communicate with other team members? What is their experience with collaboration?
➔ Know what part they played in the particular iPhone app they developed. What was the methodology that helped them develop the application?

Make sure you have a scorecard and interview questions to help identify the right member for your requirements. It would help you know what criteria to use to judge their capabilities.

4. Select and Define the Workflow and Structure

Once you are satisfied with the candidates, you can start selecting the ones that best fit your needs.

You have already identified the total number of individuals you need in the team and the required candidates. It is now time to define the work scope for the team. What are the team members to do while building the iPhone/iOS app? Who will be responsible for what aspect of building the application?

The clarity in the scope of work will help you ensure smooth development. At the same time, you should also ensure the team structure is defined. While you might have already structured the team, it is important to reiterate the same and clarify it to all the candidates.

5. Contract Signing and Getting Started

Defining the contract for every iPhone app development team member is important. You should include the fine-tuned details and incorporate the scope of work. It should also include the details of the application, the salary or hourly rate details. It is important to offer a complete breakdown of all details necessary in the contract.

Once the contract is signed, a small briefing meeting is important. You can begin working on the iPhone application after the meeting.

A Strong App Development Team Requires the Following Prerequisites

When you set out to build an iPhone app development team, there are various things you need to consider. It would help you plan and hire the best candidates if you have clarity into the following factors.

building a strong app development team

1. Define the Work Scope and Requirements

Let’s look at the iPhone/iOS app development team structure and what roles each member should perform.

1. Product Manager

They are responsible for carving the product. They build the product map and outline and define the app development process. They will be the owner and manage all aspects of the product. They will check if the product is feasible and what should be the possible outcomes.

➔ They perform complete market research, know the core features and determine the value/positioning of the product
➔ They are responsible for creating the business plan
➔ They will define the app features, a roadmap for development and an outline for creating the app
➔ They will determine the product metrics to identify the success

It is important to have the product manager at the helm of your mobile app development to build a successful solution.

2. Project Manager

They ensure that the vision and goals defined by the product manager are completely met during app development. They will be heading the project and is the single point of contact for all the different teams.

➔ They will be responsible for delivering on the project plan
➔ They are to set the deadlines, estimate the budget and ensure the work-breakdown structure for the entire project
➔ They will ensure the project adapts to the changes, thus minimizing the risks
➔ They will be responsible for communicating the necessary details to all the stakeholders

In case of the complex projects, you will need the project manager to handle the breakdown efficiently.

3. UI/UX Designer

They are responsible for creating the ideal experiences and designing usable interfaces. They will be working with your users to know the type of application that will help improve the usability.

For example, if people like watching videos in landscape mode, you should design for a landscape experience. Similarly, if people like having buttons within range, you should develop the screens accordingly.

➔ Define the user persona
➔ Build the app interface prototype
➔ Create the visual design for the application
➔ Use the feedback to build the app solutions

Once your design is complete and perfect, you should begin working on the development. You need an entire development team to get you started.

4. The Development Team

When creating the iPhone app developer’s team, you should look for frontend, backend and coding specialists.

Frontend Developers

➔ They are responsible for converting your iPhone app design and prototype into a usable interface.
➔ They will use the software architecture design to help with interactions and develop the interface using procedures.
➔ They will use Swift or Objective-C to complete the coding of the application.

Backend Developers

➔ They are responsible for creating the logic and building the business layer within the apps.
➔ They will help create the communication between the frontend and database for smooth query movement.
➔ They will use the version control tools as well to build stable apps.

The app developers are responsible for translating the app vision into a fully-developed solution.

5. QA Engineers

Every business owner requires a high-quality solution that offers exceptional performance and capabilities. To ensure you release a quality solution, you need QA engineers on your team.

➔ They will perform a quality assessment to check the app’s abilities
➔ They are responsible for conducting load, performance and stability tests for the application.
➔ They are proficient with the latest tools for developing mobile applications.

If you are planning to outsource your mobile app development, instead of proceeding with in-house development, here are all the reasons to do it

Why Outsource iPhone App Development Project?

Why should you outsource instead of going in-house with development? Here are all the reasons to think about Outsourcing Dedicated Software Development Team

It is cost-effective

You will notice that when you build an application in-house, you need to pay for the infrastructure, salaries and even the tools needed to build the app. However, when you outsource, you need to pay for the services alone.

At the same time, you don’t invest in skimming and recruitment of resources. Instead, you simply outsource and focus on your core business.

It helps to be efficient

As discussed, your core objective of developing a business app is handled by the outsourced team. You don’t need to focus on actual development processes. At the same time, you will need a project manager to handle the tasks and helm the project.

Eventually, your in-house team can be more efficient in the core jobs that need to be done.

It accelerates time-to-market

When you outsource parts of your app development to another team while handling core jobs in-house, you can launch the app before your competition. This will help you get an edge over the competition and garner more conversions.

Cost of Outsourcing

The average cost of outsourcing an iPhone/iOS mobile app development is $40k* to $300k*

Based on Complexity

App Complexity

Cost of Development*

Simple App




Complex Apps


Country-wise Outsourcing Cost


Hourly Rates*

New York








New Zealand



Building an effective and efficient iPhone app development team needs a complete understanding of the requirements. You should be well-versed with the technical capabilities and skillsets you need in the iPhone app developer.

Defining the work scope, budget, and requirements can help you plan your team better. If you need help vetting the right team or sourcing the best candidates for your next business app, you can get in touch with experts at Best Remote Team .

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